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Will I lose my data when I perform a factory reset?

    Information / Solution

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you know the credentials of your Google™ account before performing a factory data reset. Depending on your security settings, you may need to enter them to restart your device after the factory data reset. If you don't remember your account name and password, you can recover them at the Google Account Recovery website. If you still can't reactivate your device, contact Product Support.

    WARNING! A factory data reset will overwrite data in the internal storage of your device. Back up any data you want to keep.

    The following are examples of data that gets overwritten:

    • Your Google account and other accounts
    • Contacts
    • Calendar items
    • Notes
    • Messages (SMS, MMS, and email)
    • Applications and application data including game-high scores
    • Photos, videos, and music
    • Settings
    • Bookmarks

    Photos, videos, music, and documents stored on a memory card are not erased during a factory data reset.