Company News & Media Relations

Sony’s communications teams in the U.S. are organized around its core operating companies and corporate entities.  Generally speaking, SCA Corporate Communications is responsible for communicating and responding to journalistic inquiries about Company-wide initiatives and key corporate news, while the communications teams at the U.S. operating companies, including Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation), are responsible for communications specific to their products and individual lines of business. 

If you are a journalist and are uncertain about whom to contact with your specific inquiry, feel free to begin by reaching out to the SCA Corporate Communications department for guidance.

Media Relations Contacts

Sony Corporation of America +
Lisa Gephardt
Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Sony Pictures Entertainment +
Robert Lawson
Chief Communications Officer

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC +
Jennifer Clark
Senior Vice President, Communications

Sony Biotechnology, Inc. +
Natalie Nunez
Internal Communications, Manager for the Sony Biotechnology Contact

Sony Electronics +
Cheryl Goodman
Head of Corporate Communications

Sony Music Entertainment +
Liz Young
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications

Sony DADC +
Lisa Gephardt
Senior Director, Corporate Communications,SCA

Sony Mobile Communcations +
Don Mesa
Senior Director of Marketing

Sony ATV/Music Publishing +
Paul Williams
Vice President, Communications

Sony Rewards +
Lisa Gephardt
Senior Director, Corporate and Product Communications