Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report 2022 has been issued to provide a comprehensive and detailed report on non-financial information for a wide range of stakeholders.

Sustainability ReportSustainability Report

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Disclosure and Communication of Financial and Non-Financial Information

Sony understands the importance of appropriate disclosure to and communication with stakeholders. Since 2019, Sony has been issuing its Corporate Report to comprehensively communicate financial information and non-financial information, including policies for mid- to long-term value creation and business strategies.
Sony also posts financial data, non-financial information and business summaries designed primarily for investors and shareholders on the Investor Relations section of its website.

Disclosure of Financial and Non-Financial Information

Referenced Guidelines

The information in this report is presented with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. This report also refers to the Environmental Reporting Guidelines (Fiscal year 2018 version) published by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

Reporting Principles of Materiality

Sony has defined materiality as“material topics related to sustainability that impact Sony’s value creation and are based on mid- to long-term social changes and the needs of diverse stakeholders,” and conducted a materiality assessment from the perspectives of both the company and the stakeholders.

Third-Party Verification

For a third-party report on the verification of environmental data, please use the link below.