Frequently Asked Questions

            Sony is a global company with operations in most regions of the world. is dedicated to Sony’s principal U.S. operations.

            For Sony Corporation’s global site, visit

Where can I find information on product recalls and replacement programs?

Sony is fully committed to product quality and customer satisfaction.  For information on product quality and service, visit

Where can I get a copy of your Annual Report and Financial Statements?

You can find them at

I want to provide Sony with my comments and feedback. What is the best way to do that?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us make Sony the best it can be.  You can send your comments directly to the relevant division of Sony using the links below and are also welcome to post your comments to one of our social media sites.


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I've got a great idea. How do I tell Sony about it?

Sorry, Sony Corporation of America policy does not allow for the acceptance or review of unsolicited ideas not covered by issued patents.  Additionally, Sony Pictures does not accept unsolicited submissions for projects of any sort. Any material that is sent either by parcel or via e-mail will be returned unopened and unread.

Where can I find out about career opportunities at Sony?

You can access career opportunities at Sony’s U.S. companies in our Careers Section, which also includes a link to our global jobs site.

Where do I find press information?

You can find Sony press releases and other company information in the Company News section of this site.

I’d like to use Sony for the basis of a class assignment or report. Where can I find information?

We appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to use our Company in your class assignment.  You’re welcome to use the publicly available information located on this site, beginning with the Company News section.  However, please note that Sony logos and images are intellectual property assets protected by strict copyright and trademark laws and may not be used in your assignment or report.

Where can I find information on's Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and use of cookies?

This information is located on our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditons of Use pages.  If you have any questions or comments about our personal information practices or our privacy statement, please feel free to contact us at

Who should I contact if I’m experiencing technical difficulties with this site?

To report any technical problems with this site, please e-mail us at

What’s your mailing address?

Sony Corporation of America is located at 25 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10010.

I work for an advertising agency and/or production company. How do I seek permission to use a Sony product in an advertisement, film or television show?
Where can I direct a marketing sponsorship proposal?