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January 5, 2007

Sony proposes a new brand name, "x.v.Color", for the purpose of promoting the standard for wider color space in moving images, "xvYCC"

Commences promotion for industry-wide adoption

Sony Corporation today announced the introduction of the sub brand name "x.v.Color", and its compliance logo, for products which conform to "xvYCC", the international standard for wide color space within moving images. Going forward Sony will promote "x.v.Color" among the industry as a unified brand name borne by future compliant products.

(*)In British English, "x.v.Color" is spelt "x.v.Colour." Accordingly, two versions of the logo
(British and American English spellings) have been prepared and can be selected as appropriate.

While conventional CRT TVs reproduce content within the standard color range "sRGB", some of recent televisions such as flat panel LCD TV are capable to reproduce content exceeding it drastically. These developments prompted Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Sony Corporation to take a central role in initiating discussions within JEITA's (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) "Color Standardization Committee", leading to the establishment of "xvYCC" (IEC61966-2-4), a standard with approximately twice the color range of sRGB. In January 2006 "xvYCC" was recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as an international standard. Products which conform to "xvYCC" will be able to faithfully reproduce natural object surface colors with contents that also conforms to "xvYCC".

Sony will attach the logo, "x.v.Color" to allow consumers to acquire an image of "color" and comprehend the message easily, on all products that comply with the "xvYCC" standard, and actively promote it as one of features capable of reproducing color that is closer to nature. In addition, Sony will seek to expand the lineup of "x.v.Color" compatible products to enable customers to enjoy an environment in which they can record, store, edit, transfer and playback content using this full color range.

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