Diversity, Equity and Inclusion drive innovation.

Respecting employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives stimulates innovation and drives our creation of social value.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are encoded in our DNA and shape a vibrant corporate culture.
We continue to grow as a team of individuals with one goal:
to fill the world with emotion.


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Business Case Studies

As a global enterprise, it is in Sony's DNA - and a source of our innovation - to value different perspectives and backgrounds as we rise to new challenges. Here, we introduce new business and project case studies developed in the Sony Group's various business sectors by our employees, with their varied individuality, and encouraged by our environment of diversity.


Diverse people

Possessing different personalities, racial backgrounds, nationalities, religions and beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientations, values and work styles, our diverse human resources are the driving force behind innovation in the Sony Group. We introduce employees who are making the most of their individual abilities within a Sony corporate culture and workplace environment that respects diversity and encourages mutual acceptance.


Diverse activities

The Sony Group has long taken a proactive approach to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the world. We introduce the record of diversity activities and the history of the various awards that Sony has garnered to date on the basis of its free and open-minded corporate culture and diversity activities tailored to the characteristics of the various countries and regions in which it is active.