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Special You, Diverse Sony

Sony is a place where each and every one of our unique individuals can grow and be challenged.
We believe that Sony and our employees who are the driving force of our businesses will create mutual growth centered on our Purpose.
We defined it as Sony's People Philosophy -
Special You, Diverse Sony.
We are convinced that the growth of diverse individuals leads to the growth of Sony.
This interaction is possible because the company and the employees have always faced one another on equal terms with
an overarching expectancy to mutually deliver and scale up.

Special You Shape your own career with the spirit of freedom and open-mindedness. Feel the emotion of opening up your future. Diverse Sony Sony has a culture that values diversity. It is a place where people inspire each other to create new value.

Special You

It is the talented individuals who create emotion, and You are the one to play the leading role.
This expression describes an empowered individual who builds their own career with a spirit of challenge and strong motivation opens up the future.

Diverse Sony

Sony is a place that welcomes independent and diverse individuals which leads to creating new value.
Sony offers numerous opportunities for employees to reach their full potential and has a corporate culture that supports challenge. The phrase "Diverse Sony" expresses our desire for Sony to be a place where the individual strength, thoughts, dreams, and challenges of each and every employee are welcomed, and where individuals stimulate each other and connect this to growth.

Sony's Purpose

Sony's Purpose was defined in January 2019, in order for approximately 110,000 employees worldwide in diverse businesses to stay on the same page as we work together to create value from long-term perspective.
We aim to unite “People who create emotion" and "Sony that fills the world with emotion", and create mutual growth centered on our Purpose.

Sony's Purpose

Fill the world with emotion,
through the power of creativity and technology.

Founders' Thoughts

Since its foundation, Sony has been shaped as a company suitable for each individual to reach their full potential.
This founder’s spirit has been transmitted and continues to evolve with the company, no matter how much time has passed, or our business diversified.

"Establish an ideal factory that stresses a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness."
"Place all orders based on ability and personality to draw out the best performance from individuals"
"place emphasis on a person's ability, performance and character, so that each individual can fully exercise his or her abilities and skills"
(From the Founding Prospectus)

"A company is like a castle. Strong stone walls are made by putting together rocks of various shapes in a skillful manner."
(By founder Masaru Ibuka, from Jinzai Ishigaki Ron [Human Stone Walls Theory])

"If you have any regrets about joining Sony, quit immediately. It is a waste of your precious time to remain in a place that does not satisfy you.
If you decide Sony is the company where you want to work, let us be responsible to each other. One day, when your life comes to an end, I would like you to think that you have no regret about spending time at Sony .”
(By founder Akio Morita, at an entrance ceremony)

Human Resources Strategy based on Diverse Individuals

The Sony Group is a global company that operates diverse businesses. As with the business, our basic approach to the people strategy since Sony's foundation has been that each of our diverse employees should be independent and influence each other. This way the value created by our 110,000 diverse employees worldwide is maximized.
Around the axis of Individuals, we define the HR Strategy based on People Philosophy as Attract, Develop and Engage Talented Individuals.

Attract Talented Individuals

We aim to draw to Sony individuals who have a challenging spirit and an ambition to grow.

Develop Talented Individuals

We encourage the ongoing development of each employee through a range of experiences and opportunities.

Engage Talented Individuals

We aim to raise employee engagement and create a relationship between the organizations and the individuals where both parties grow and contribute to one another.

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