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November 20, 2007

[Inter BEE 2007]"HD FOR ALL - Sony Unveils the 2nd Stage of its Total HD Solution"

Showcasing Sony's latest HD products including new "XDCAM" line-up

Sony will exhibit its new HD content creation product line-up under the theme "HD FOR ALL - Sony unveils the 2nd Stage of its Total HD Solution" at Inter BEE 2007, held from November 20th - 22nd in Chiba, Japan. Visitors to the Sony booth will be able to experience Sony's full product line-up, including the latest addition to its industry-leading "XDCAM" series, as well as Sony's total solution for the growing world of HD content creation.

[New Products]

-New "XDCAM" product line-up

"XDCAM" HD422 Camcorder [PDW-700] (left)
"XDCAM" HD422 Deck [PDW-HD1500] (right)

"XDCAM" HD422 is the new flagship lineup in Sony's industry-leading range of "XDCAM" tapeless products and solutions. The "PDW-700" camcorder and "PDW-HD1500" recorder feature MPEG-2 422P@HL codec, 50Mbps video data rate, Full HD (1920 x 1080) recording and 4:2:2 color sampling. These models will be on sale in Japan from the end of April, 2008.
The "XDCAM" series was launched in 2003, and global sales have now exceeded 23,000 units (as of August, 2007).

[Strong demand for Sony latest HD product offerings]

-Sony to supply "F23" and "F35" digital cinema cameras to OMNIBUS JAPAN Inc.

Sony pioneered HD digital content creation with the launch of the "CineAlta" system in 1999. "CineAlta" is now widely used for HD digital cinema production, where it can achieve the picture quality of traditional film. Sony has reached an agreement with OMNIBUS JAPAN Inc. to supply Sony's high-end "F23" line of "CineAlta" digital cinema cameras, as well as the "F35" newly launched in Japan.

-Continuing strong demand for "HDCAM", exceeds 35,000 global sales

Since its introduction in 1997, "HDCAM" has offered exceptional recording quality, and the ideal features for mainstream television programming, drama, commercials, and cinema. It has been widely adopted across the industry, with 127 Japanese terrestrial commercial TV stations now using "HDCAM" systems, and global sales have exceeded 35,000 units (as of August, 2007).

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