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June 7, 2018

Ginza Sony Park to Open Thursday, August 9, 2018

An Ever-changing Park, an Enlivening and Playful Experience

    June 7, 2018
    June 10, 2020
    June 9, 2021

    Sony Corporation
    Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation and Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd. are reimagining the site of the former Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo, which closed its doors at the end of March, 2017, and will be re-opening it as the Ginza Sony Park on Thursday, August 9, 2018. This endeavor will expand the former Sony Square, the public space located across from the Sukiyabashi Intersection that had served as "the garden of Ginza" since the opening of the Sony Building in 1966, and convert it into an ever-changing park experience. From the park's opening until the autumn of 2020 September, 2021*, which will see vast crowds gather in Tokyo, Sony has made the decision to create a park instead of a building in the district of Ginza in order to deliver KANDO, surprise, and Sony's lively and playful spirit to visitors.

    Ginza Sony Park will consist of a flat, 707-square meter above-ground section, and a 4-floor "Lower Park," located underground, making for an open, vertical park connected by a central stairwell, which preserves the unique structure of the former Sony Building. This "ever-changing park" will feature an array of one-of-a-kind, highly experimental stores and events, held in collaboration with our unique partners. Many experiential events and live performances are currently in the planning stages, centering on the themes of "Sony" and "parks."

    Ginza Sony Park forms one part of the Ginza Sony Park Project* to reimagine the Sony Building. It will operate as a flat, open public area until the autumn of 2020 September, 2021*, with plans for the completion of the new Sony Building - which will maintain the "park" concept and while expanding its scope - slated for 2022 2025 2024*.

    Partners of Ginza Sony Park by Floor

    Sony will be working alongside its various partners to deliver a playful array of products and experiences that can only be had here.

    • GL
      • A "buyable park" is the concept of the ground level. Designed and produced by a plant hunter Seijun Nishihata (CEO of SORA BOTANICAL GARDEN PROJECT INC.), the store features a diverse collection of plants from all around the world throughout the park. These plants can be purchased and delivered straight to visitors' door from AWO GINZA TOKYO. The scenery in the park will keep changing, as each plant is purchased.
      • A satellite studio of TOKYO FM (Ginza Sony Park Studio), broadcasting the latest Tokyo sounds that music fans support, along with the latest in Tokyo culture and more.
      • Seasonal TORAYA CAFÉ・AN STAND pop-up stores, where visitors can purchase an array of original An pastes (a type of Japanese sweet bean paste) and other delicacies unique to the park, all prepared at TORAYA CAFÉ・AN STAND's kitchen located in the floor B3 of the park.
    • B1
      • THE CONVENI, a concept store which pulls inspiration from Japanese convenience stores. With Hiroshi Fujiwara as director, this store will feature unique items sure to push the envelope and create new forms of culture.
      • MIMOSA GINZA, a Yum Cha stand with the theme of "a back-alley street stall," produced by a Michelin Star certified Chinese restaurant. At the shop, savor authentic Yum Cha, egg tarts, milk tea, and more, which are originally from Hong Kong and widely enjoyed in mainland China.
    • B2
      • Plans are underway for an event space that will host a variety of demo events centered around different themes.
      • This floor will also feature direct access to Tokyo Metro Ginza Station.
    • B3
      • The TORAYA CAFÉ・AN STAND's store introducing a concept of "a life with An." The in-store kitchen space produces exclusive mini-sized An paste products for purchase.
      • This floor connects directly to the floor B2 of the Nishi-Ginza Parking garage.
    • B4
      • "BEER TO GO," a new concept deli by Spring Valley Brewery, a craft beer brewery with locations in Daikanyama, Yokohama, and Kyoto. Enjoy 16 diverse flavors of craft beer and a seasonal menu of 12 deli and grilled delicacies, and savor them anywhere in the park.
      • This floor features an event stage, allowing visitors to enjoy live music with their meals.

    Ginza Sony Park is built on the site of the former Sony Building in Ginza, which operated for five decades beginning in 1966. Together with the district of Ginza, its people, and our collaborating partners and creators, Sony will be creating a new locale as a form of brand communication that symbolizes its challenges in a new age.

    Overview of Ginza Sony Park

    • Name:
      Ginza Sony Park
    • Duration:
      August 9, 2018 - Autumn 2020 September, 2021*
    • Park Hours:
      5:00am - 12:30am (tentative)
      *Tokyo Metro Ginza Station is accessible from the park’s ground level during these hours.
      *Operating hours of individual stores and event schedules within the park may vary.
      *The information counter located in the floor B1 opens between 10:00am-8:00pm
    • Park Closed:
      January 1 (tentative)
    • Address:
      5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    • Lot Area:
    • Total Floor Space:
    • Number of floors:
      One floor above ground, five floors underground.
    • * Central stairwell connects the floors B3 to B1.
    • * The floor B5 contains an equipment room and management office.
    *These are simulated images.

    Park Map


    Store Name Partner Partner's Logo
    Designing and Planting the "Buyable Park"
    (Ginza Sony Park Studio)
    Broadcasting Tokyo's Here and Now
    Concept Shop
    Yum Cha Stand by a Michelin Star certified restaurant
    MIMOSA, Chinese Restaurant MIMOSA GINZA
    Enjoy the Taste of An
    KOGEN Co., Ltd. (Toraya Café) TORAYA CAFÉ・AN STAND
    Craft Beer & Deli Bar

    *Ginza Sony Park Project

    A project to reimagine the former Sony Building which opened in 1966 in two phases. The first phase is to further expand the public space (Sony Square) that had served as the entrance to the building and been hailed as the "garden of Ginza" since the building's opening. This space will be expanded and opened as "Ginza Sony Park" from August 2018 to autumn 2020 September, 2021*. Phase two will be the construction of a new Sony Building in 2022 2025 2024* that will have the concept of a public Ginza Sony Park extended to the "Upper Park" above the existing ground level.

    • *Corrections were made due to changes in schedule (As of June 10, 2020) (As of June 9, 2021).
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