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November 17, 2020

Sony Group Organizational Changes and Executive Appointments

Transition to new management structure for Electronics Products & Solutions business

    Tokyo, Japan - In May this year, Sony Corporation ("Sony") announced a series of changes to the Sony Group's organizational structure. A new overall management framework for Sony Group Corporation ("SGC"), and the Electronics Products & Solutions business ("EP&S"), that will succeed to the Sony Corporation company name, has been determined.

    In the area of EP&S, Sony Electronics Corporation, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc., Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc. and Sony Mobile Communications Inc. will be integrated and engage in the unified management of these businesses. Furthermore, certain support functions for the electronics business that have been carried out by the headquarters (the current Sony Corporation) until now, will be consolidated within the new integrated structure (Sony Corporation after April, 2021). This will further elevate the autonomy of each business; accelerate organizational, talent and business portfolio optimization; while also bolstering the capacity for new value creation.

    In conjunction with the establishment of this structure, Kimio Maki will be appointed President and CEO of the new Sony Corporation. Under his leadership the company will introduce a renewed management structure, further reinforce its business foundations, and embark on new evolution and growth.

    With regards to SGC, in order to further reinforce the technological strength that empowers all of the Sony Group's businesses, Toru Katsumoto, Executive Deputy President, will be appointed CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of SGC, effective December 1, 2020. SGC will be dedicated to functioning as the headquarters of the Sony Group, and will lead and support the evolution of the Group's businesses through its array of talent and technology, to drive further evolution and growth across the Sony Group.

    Executive Appointments

    Effective December 1, 2020

    Sony Corporation (company name scheduled to change to "Sony Group Corporation" effective April 1, 2021)

    Toru Katsumoto
    Executive Deputy President and Chief Technology Officer
    Corporate Executive Officer

    Effective April 1, 2021

    Sony Group Corporation

    Shigeki Ishizuka
    Vice Chairman
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer
    Support for Electronics Businesses

    Sony Corporation (business entity newly formed by integrating the current EP&S business)

    Members of the Board
    Kimio Maki
    Representative Director
    Kenichiro Yoshida
    Director and Chairman
    Ichiro Takagi
    Director and Vice Chairman
    Hiroki Totoki
    Shigeki Ishizuka
    Toru Katsumoto
    Hitoshi Korenaga
    Statutory Auditor
    Executive Officers
    Kimio Maki
    President and CEO
    Kazuo Kii
    Executive Deputy President
    Yoshinori Matsumoto
    Executive Deputy President
    Hiroshi Kawano
    Executive Vice President
    Mitsuya Kishida
    Executive Vice President
    Masaru Tamagawa
    Senior Vice President
    Hideyuki Furumi
    Senior Vice President
    Michael Fasulo
    Senior Vice President
    Hidehiko Teshirogi
    Senior Vice President
    Masaaki Kojima
    Senior Vice President
    Shigeru Kumekawa
    Senior Vice President
    Hiroshi Takahashi
    Senior Vice President
    Yuichi Oshima
    Senior Vice President and CFO
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