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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
May 7, 2001

"AIBO" Entertainment Robot Second Anniversary

- New software applications compatible with wireless LAN card -
- Special 2nd Anniversary Color Model "AIBO" available for limited period -

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony today announced the introduction of 3 additional titles of "AIBO-ware" application software to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of "AIBO" entertainment robot on April 11, 1999. The 3 new "AIBO-ware" will provide a variety of exciting ways for owners to enjoy interacting with "AIBO". In addition, a special 2nd Anniversary Color Model "AIBO" will be offered for a limited period (3 color variations: Everest White, Sapphire Violet, Mazeran Green).

New Wireless LAN Compatible Application Software Increases [ERS-210] Interactivity
By connecting the 2nd Generation "AIBO" [ERS-210] to a PC via a wireless LAN card, two new application software makes it possible to enjoy new exciting forms of interaction with "AIBO".

Rec. Price
Order Taking
Point of Sale
(1)AIBO Messenger
Product No. ERF-210AW04
(+ tax)
May 11, 2001
Sony Corporation
(2)AIBO Navigator
Product No. ERF-210AW05
(+ tax)
May 11, 2001
Sony Corporation

NOTE: In order to enjoy application(1)&(2)above it is necessary to have a IEEE802.11b wireless LAN card (sold separately) installed in the PC and a special "AIBO" wireless LAN card [ERA-201D1] (sold separately, recommended price: ¥20,000 + tax) installed in AIBO.
Compatible PC OS - Windows®98SE/2000/ME.

(1)[AIBO Messenger]
When connected to a PC via a wireless LAN card, "AIBO" can inform owners that email has arrived, read the contents of a message and give text based information such as news and weather data from a home page in response to a special key word. Also it is possible to manipulate mail software by using the voice recognition function and sensors. MAP I compatible mail software is necessary (Outlook Express5.5, Eudora4.3).

(2)[AIBO Navigator]
This software enables owners to manipulate "AIBO" from a remote location. "AIBO" can be instructed to move forward, backwards, left or right while the camera located in its head sends pictures back to the computer screen. It is also possible to make "AIBO" dance, do a variety of different movements, kick a ball, send voice data and take a still photograph using the picture capture function.

Application Software for the [ERS-110/111]
Special application software enables the first generation "AIBO" [ERS-110] and [ERS-111] to play 'Scissors, Paper, Stone' and other games.

Title Rec. Price Order Taking Point of Sale
Party Mascot
Product No. ERA-102M
(+ tax)
May 11, 2001
Sony Corporation

Note: Same functions as [Party Mascot (for ERS-210)] now available for the [ERS-110] & [ERS-111] models.

Sony aims to expand the ways of interacting with "AIBO" by developing new "AIBO-ware" application software in order to be able to offer an exciting new type of home entertainment.

2nd Anniversary Color Model AIBO
For a limited period the 2nd Generation "AIBO" [ERS-210] will be available in a special paint finish that reflects different color tints in bright light.

Model Name Order Period Rec. Price
Entertainment Robot "AIBO"
2nd Anniversary Color Model
Everest White, Sapphire Violet,
Mazeran Green
(Customers should choose their preferred color)
From May 11, 2001
To July 31, 2001
(+ tax)

In conjunction with the sale of the 2nd Anniversary Color Model, a new imitation leather carrying bag (ERA-210C1/BX. Rec. price ¥15,000 + tax) for the [ERS-210] will be offered with no time limit for placing orders. Between May 11 and July 31 the 2nd Anniversary Color Model "AIBO" and imitation leather carrying bag will be offered as the [AIBO 2nd Anniversary Special Set] (Rec. price ¥175,000 + tax). The gold, silver and black "AIBO" [ERS-210] will continue to be sold without any limitation on the order period or number of units available.

Sales Information
Orders can be made over the Internet, by telephone and at stores that accept "AIBO" orders. Application software can be ordered from May 11 (Friday) 2001 and product delivery is planned from the beginning of June corresponding to the order applications are received. There is no limit to the order period.
All units of the "AIBO" 2nd Anniversary Color Model ordered during the designated period will be manufactured. Delivery of 2nd anniversary "AIBO" is scheduled to start from the middle of May.
"AIBO"Home Page *this link is no longer active and a revised page does not exist. *Open 24 hours
-From mobile phones and PHS ring 03-5470-0666
-Every day(including Sat. & Sun)from 10:00 to 18:00
<Stores Accepting "AIBO" Orders ('AIBO Shop')>
Orders accepted at 'AIBO Shops' in some department stores and e-Sony Shops, etc.
(138stores as of May 1, 2001)

"AIBO" 2nd Anniversary Customer Events:
  • See the 2nd Anniversary Color Model "AIBO" and experience the new application software on May 12 (Sat.) between 11:00 and 19:00 and May 13 (Sun.) between 11:00 and 15:00 at the Sony Building Sumido Hall (Ginza 5-3-1 Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • See the 2nd Anniversary Color Model "AIBO" from May 12 (Sat.) to May 20 (Sun.) from 11:00 to 19:00 on the 1st floor of the Sony Building