#04Games, Games, Games!

Games are all about freedom!
We teamed up with three amazing illustrators to bring to life a world of limitless gaming.

Are you game?
Or are we both?


An artist whose work is characterized by the vibrant colors and character designs of Japanese and American pop culture.
Engages in a variety of endeavors, ranging from artwork for CD jackets, music videos, and magazines to character design,
costume concepts, manga creation, and product development.

instagram @utomaru
Games are constantly evolving. They keep bringing new experiences beyond our imagination. Keeping up with the pace means I need to keep upgrading my equipment.
Thinking back, how many games have I played in my life? How many friends have I made? How many friendships have I deepened? Each game is a combination of the memories of those times, and they are still lined up in my room.


An illustrator with a captivating style of dynamic composition using simple lines and enchanting color gradients.
Takes on a wide range of subjects, ranging from seasonal graphics for commercial facilities to mural art on far-flung islands.

instagram @imamurajintaro
Floating energy
In the fleeting moment when all my senses explode as the shock of something unexperienced courses through my body, I am released from all the laws of gravity and energy. That’s when new creations are born, in capturing the floating energy of that moment.
Charging energy
The joy of losing track of time. Focusing intently. Shedding tears. Exploding in rage. Alone or with others. The time spent facing the source of enthusiasm and being moved by emotions, the energy that is unleashed are like colors of paint that change as they are coated over and over, melting and mixing in various ways and being returned to the source of enthusiasm that will create the future.


An artist who brings to life fancy-eyed, cute characters with a pop aesthetic.
These new characters then go out into the world of commercials, music videos, and more.

instagram @sukota_cc