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Photo of National Commendation for Invention trophy

National Commendation for Invention

The National Commendation for Invention, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII),
was first held in 1919 as the Imperial Commendation for Invention, to honor inventors,
practitioners of inventions, and those who have made significant contributions to encourage invention.
The purpose of this program is to encourage and foster inventions and contribute to the improvement of
science and technology and the promotion of industry in Japan.

Prize of the Chairman of HATSUMEI KYOKAI(JIII)

The National Commendation for Invention is given to inventions that are
outstandingly inventive in the field of science and technology,
and that have been implemented with remarkable results.

  • Prize of the Chairman of HATSUMEI KYOKAI(JIII)

    Design of CineAlta camera

    VENICE adopts a metal housing made of magnesium and aluminum in a simple extruded body with round corners, achieving high robustness for reliable shooting even in harsh environments. In addition, control panels for simultaneous settings by multiple operators are installed on both sides of the camera for large-scale team shooting, such as in Hollywood movies. Pursuing simple and reliable operability, thorough research and feedback were sought regarding the placement of the buttons on the panels, according to the roles of the cinematographer and assistant. Further, its modular structure allows users to separate the image sensor block from the camera body and shoot at a maximum distance of 5.5m via the extension cable.*1

    With high mobility, VENICE contributes to innovative content production such as 3D movies and VR (virtual reality) live music shooting, in addition to gimbal shooting as well as shooting in confined places such as within a car or airplane cockpit, which was difficult in the past.

    *1 When using the VENICE extension system CBK-3610XS