Event Information

Asama International Photo Festival 2019
"YOU and BAU"

At the Asama International Photo Festival 2019 PHOTO MIYOTA (Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano), a festival where attendees enjoy artistic photography, Sony Design will display "YOU and BAU," an experience-oriented exhibit produced in collaboration with photographer Takashi Suzuki.

YOU and BAU is a new kind of photo experience that inserts festival attendees into "BAU," Mr. Suzuki's photo artwork, by fusing technology and design. Attendees can enjoy the exhibit however they like, such as sitting on the sponges used in the artwork or reclining on them. Those photo situations can be printed and taken home as keepsakes.
This exhibit was made possible by applying the Chromakey-less CG overlay feature of the Edge Analytics Appliance, a video production support unit equipped with Sony's unique video analysis technology.
Sony Design supports the aim of the Asama International Photo Festival 2019 PHOTO MIYOTA to "attempt new possibilities for photography," and offers new ways for people to enjoy photos.

Mr. Suzuki's work, the "BAU" series

Festival Period
Saturday, September 14 - Sunday, November 10, 2019
Festival Hours
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ticket sales and reception close at 4:30 PM)
Main Festival Venue
Planned site of the Miyota Museum of Photography (Formerly the Musée d'art Mercian Karuizawa) and the surrounding environs
Maseguchi 1794-1, Kitasaku-gun, Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan Postal code: 389-0207
Ticket Price
1,500 Yen (tax included)
Asama International Photo Festival Committee

About the Asama International Photo Festival 2019 PHOTO MIYOTA

The Asama International Photo Festival 2019 PHOTO MIYOTA is an art photo festival jointly organized by the town of Miyota in Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, which touts its status as a city of culture and highland parks, and amana inc., which develops various visual communication projects. The style of the Festival—which is set up so that attendees can enjoy photo artwork displayed throughout Miyota, not just indoors, but outdoors as well—is a model for the 21st century, where festivals, together with artists, dare to explore still-new possibilities for photographs.

About the Technology Used in the Exhibit

Edge Analytics Appliance
The Edge Analytics Appliance is a video production support unit equipped with an AI engine that has been taught several techniques through machine learning, such as detecting moving bodies and faces, as well as recognizing colors and shapes. By automatically analyzing the image from the connected camera and processing it with the GPU, the Edge Analytics Appliance makes it possible to extract a specific subject from within the image, and combine it with other images to produce creative video content in real time.

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