Event Report

Dutch Design Week DDW Talks

Photo of Rikke Constein Gertsen speaking on stage
Photo: Paul Marques da Cruz

The Dutch Design Week was held on October 19-27 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The overriding DDW theme this year was "If not Now, Then When?", that is focusing on the urgency to address global problems and emphasize design's ability to create real change. Rikke Constein Gertsen from the Sony Design Center Europe,  spoke on the DDW Talks theme of "Vision of the future of Digital Design".  Rikke presented Sony Design's vision of robotics through a presentation and talk on "Affinity in Autonomy", emphasizing that we are seeking to ultimately find an emotional connection, a 'symbiosis between humans and robots'.

Over 200 people attended the DDW Talks to hear Rikke and the other speakers: Stephanie Maier from Adobe, Yira Rodriguez Garcia from Vruchtvlees, Rhys Davelaar from Mediamonks,  Erik Rave from Dàzur Code, Karen vande Kraats from WeTransfer, Peitro Lodl form Cleaver Franke.

October 25, 2019
FIFTH | NRE, Eindhoven, Netherlands
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