Feature Design


Photo of the main unit of the SHAKE-7

A party for the senses

In a system that sparks life into festive occasions, audio with impact is only the start.
It must look the part, and illumination is also important.
Here, the power of design gives us a system that looks, sounds,
and feels like a great music experience should.

Industrial Design


Exhilarating audio,
clear at a glance

By integrating woofers, tweeters, and other speakers in a single unit, this system defies the conventional thinking that more speakers means better sound. Featuring large, 38-cm subwoofers, the FST-SH2000 resoundingly answers the question of how to produce sound with surprising impact. As the air rumbles, it’s a listening experience that appeals to your body as much as your ears. Speaking of moving experiences, convenient handles make it easier to move the stereo into position for parties or other occasions. In the SHAKE-7, successor to the FST-SH2000, these design touches make the powerful sound and useful features immediately clear.

One sign of the massive sound it produces is found in the faceted speaker surfaces, which are not lumped onto a rectangular block but seemingly chiseled from it. The faceted surfaces are angled inward by the tweeter, outward by the midrange, and upward by the subwoofer, with the styling of each reflecting how sound emanates. The asymmetrical layout also makes it easy to tell the left speaker from the right one. Overall, the look is more sophisticated. The boldness of previous models is alloyed with inherently refined hi-fi styling to forge a fresh, powerfully urban system.

Impact and practicality

The main unit also strikes a balance between impact and practicality. The sides form parallelograms, tilted back at a 5° angle, and surfaces slant sharply, like a deeply chiseled block. This styling accentuates the unit’s commanding presence. The practical benefits of this deep chiseling are that it enhances display visibility and usability while naturally exposing two handles for easier carrying.

Atop the slanting surfaces are crystalline parts, emblematic of the sense of massive power in the SHAKE-7. Visible music in the form of illumination is crystallized, so to speak, and raising the volume instantly seems to release the sound with the light. Light pulsing with the beat, chiseled, bold shapes, and music that shakes you to your core. Everything in this carefully designed music experience is a party for your senses.

people everywhere
can appreciate

For us, it’s important to consider how we can invite people to discover new experiences through Sony products. We create designs that speak to people’s inner aspirations. Ultimately, our products should make our customers’ lives better. We also wanted to offer people a system that not only appeals to local needs, but will inspire people throughout the world.

Ueda, designer

Industrial Design


Flowing, cascading lights

Flexibility is a forte of the MHC-GPX88, which can be arranged freely to suit the occasion. In this series, we have ventured into uncharted territory, as by incorporating innovative LED illumination. And in this project, we pushed the horizons of music experiences by offering something entirely new—flowing LED light shows.

More multi-LED-equipped speakers, lined up horizontally, would make it easier to appreciate coordinated lighting. We kept their height uniform, so the lighting seems to flow freely in a line from one to another. The speakers can also be stacked. Choose the right layout for the situation, and enjoy a spectrum of speaker pyrotechnics.

Minimalist shapes

In contrast to the sharp inward angles of the SHAKE-7, this unit resembles a cube with chiseled facets—also bold styling. Imagine surfaces gradually converging from the speakers on either side toward the center, focusing all of the system’s energy in the middle. It’s as if the entire unit were a single, dark quartz crystal. Turn it on, and light seems to be released from the center dial and flow over the whole unit.

Faceted surfaces also line the control panel of the center unit, where each finely cut facet is a button. Because each controls a function, system operation is straightforward. Glossy surfaces alternate with matte ones, making the faceted surfaces more prominent.

Carefully calculated cuts

Surfaces inspired by diamond cuts make parties even more scintillating. On the sparkling, multifaceted dial gracing the middle of the center unit, cuts are carefully calculated to catch and reflect ambient light. This faceting also adorns the edges of each speaker, and the glittering reflections are dazzling at parties.

All for
an entirely
new experience

Sony has always explored new territory in this product category, and we have a record of offering people something they can’t find anywhere else. That’s why we also designed the MHC-GPX88 to bring you an entirely new experience. Along these lines, we imagined how fascinating the light show might look with more speakers. To do it, we added more units, developed special lighting, and thought of a linear layout. Over time, blazing new trails like this ultimately led to the MHC-GPX88.

Wada, designer

Note: SHAKE-7 and MHC-GPX88 are available exclusively in markets outside Japan. As of June 2013, no domestic release is planned.