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April 20, 2006

Sony decidesαas new brand for
digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras

Tokyo, Japan, April 20, 2006-Sony Corporation (hereafter Sony) today announced a new brand for digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and will soon start worldwide introduction.


α is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and carries the meaning of "beginning" and "essential".The brand name was chosen to reflect Sony's enthusiasm for entering the digital Single Lens Reflex market .Sony has adapted the "α mount system" name for the "Maxxum/Dynax lens mount system" which Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc has continuously developed from the age of analog film and it inherits the superb reliability of that system.
Under this brand, Sony will aggressively produce a range of attractive camera models that will truly enhance customers' enjoyment of photography.

The α brand will converge unique mechatronics technologies for digtal Single Lens Reflex cameras related to the "Maxxum/Dynax lens mount system" with Sony's technology and device know-how developed from its video camera and compact digital still camera lineup.These include CCD and CMOS imaging sensors, image processing technologies, and technologies to achieve compact and light designs.This will enable Sony to introduce new digital Single Lens Reflex cameras compatible with the "Maxxum/Dynax lens mount system" (which currently has assets totaling 16 million units of exchangable lenses) from summer 2006.

Furthermore, the web site for the new brand α will be opened today.The contents will be updated in order to establish closer communication with customers.

  • *α (pronounced alpha.)
  • *α is a trademark of Sony Corporation
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