Message from
the CEO and COO

Contributing to Creativity with a Long-Term Vision

At Sony Group, roughly 110,000 Group employees work in concerted effort to create new value with the shared Purpose to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Furthermore, we are committed to creativity as the source of Kando, and strive to be the brand chosen by creators around the world.

As we work to enhance "Kando creation," or in other words our content IP in the areas of games, music, pictures and anime, we are also investing in increasing our capacity to create Kando by getting closer to creators. We deliver the works created by these efforts to users around the world through collaboration with partners and our own Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) services.

We are also working on initiatives to expand the field of Kando from the physical space into the virtual and mobility spaces. In the mobility space, we plan to contribute to the evolution of mobility in areas such as imaging and sensing technologies, entertainment, and communications and networks including 5G.

From its founding, Sony has continuously evolved its business with a long-term vision. Since my appointment as CEO, I have always valued the creation of value from a long-term perspective centered on Kando and people. To "fill the world with emotion" with a long-term perspective, it is necessary for our society and the planet to be able to assure us of peace of mind in daily life. To that end, Sony is carrying out sustainability initiatives to fulfill our responsibility to society and the environment, and to contribute through our technologies and businesses.

People have always sought out entertainment. Along with its importance as a growth business segment, entertainment carries great social significance in connecting people, rather than sowing division. Together with our creators, Sony will aim to continue building value with a long-term vision, creating a spectrum of Kando and spreading it to the world.

Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Chairman and CEO
Kenichiro Yoshida

Greater Diversity and Growth

Sony consistently focuses on management with a long-term perspective, as we take on the challenge to achieve further growth under our Purpose, which is centered on the Kando that we have cultivated over many years. In FY2022 we were able to achieve record-high sales and operating income, but to accelerate our growth even further, we are outlining strategies for medium- to long-term evolution and growth in each business, while engaging in exploitation and exploration, taking into account the direction of the entire Group.

In the Game & Network Services segment, we are focusing on increasing the installed base of the PS5™ by placing active user growth at the core of our strategy. In the Music segment, we are implementing growth initiatives to achieve greater-than-market growth, by expanding market share and exploring opportunities in emerging markets. In the Pictures segment, we aim to maximize long-term IP value by maintaining our unique position as a strategic supplier and remain committed to theatrical releases. In the Entertainment, Technology & Services segment, we are shifting emphasis toward growth areas, while maintaining the profitability of existing businesses in order to strengthen our business structure. In the Imaging & Sensing Solutions segment, our major main direction is to further strengthen our number one position in image sensors. In the Financial Services segment, I believe it is vital to reinforce our branding, leverage the Group's infrastructure with a focus on DX, and expand investments for growth.

The synergies generated among our diverse businesses provide Sony with unique competitive strength as important drivers for growth in its effort to create new value, as exemplified by the IP value maximization initiatives across the three entertainment fields of Games, Music and Pictures. I look forward to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise together with Sony's diverse businesses and create opportunities to unleash their imagination and creativity, and build our futures together as each individual continues growing with the organization. Through constant evolution and growth on the strength of diverse businesses and employees, Sony expects to continue to be loved by our customers, attract talented people, enhance corporate value, give back to society, and continue to keep a positive spiral.

Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President, COO and CFO
Hiroki Totoki