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January 8, 2007

Sony to Showcase Next Generation Displays (prototype) at 2007 International CES

OLED TV, Laser Projection TV, and 82inch LCD TV

Sony is exhibiting the following prototype TVs featuring newly developed technologies from January 8th 2007, at "2007 International CES", Las Vegas. This will broaden the possibilities for future next generation TVs.


Sony will be demonstrating extremely thin next generation TV displays incorporating OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology that deliver high contrast, wide color gamut and rapid response time. There are two prototype models, a 27inch TV with Full HD panel (resolution: 1920×1080) and 11inch TV with wide-SVGA panel (resolution: 1024×600). The 11inch model measures approximately 3mm in depth, while the 27inch model measures less than 10mm in depth (at its thinnest point). The smaller size OLED TVs are close to mass production, while development on the mid to large sized panels is currently ongoing.

82inch LCD TV

82inch large and full HD (resolution 1920×1080) screen that adopts 120Hz motion compensation technology and 10-bit panel. This delivers an increase in the television's gradation level, and effectively eliminates image blurring, for example when watching sports footage. In addition to the commonly acknowledged advantages of LCD TV, such as low power consumption and higher picture quality, the model adopts LED backlight which enables wider color gamut.

Laser Projection TV

Laser projection TV using SXRD display device that realizes wider color gamut and high contrast. Furthermore, due to the laser durability, customers are not required to exchange the light source over time. The model size is 55inch with a depth of just 273mm (monitor only), realizing full HD resolution (1920×1080). Sony will continue to pursue both design and technology development in seeking to further enhance its projection TVs lineup.

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