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July 30, 2007

Social Contribution Activity to promote mutual consideration of the Environment
Sony Invites High School Students from China to Japan

Sony Corporation

Sony today announced that it will invite 30 high school students from the cities of Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu to Japan in cooperation with the All China Youth Federation, China's largest youth group, as part of its "Sony Student Project Abroad (China) 2007" program. It is a 12 day program running from July 30th to August 10th.

Sony Student Project Abroad (China) seeks to enrich its participants' perceptions of culture and society by providing opportunities to interact with Japanese high school students, visit corporate facilities and experience domestic life in Japan. Launched in 2006 to commemorate Sony (China)'s 10th anniversary and Sony's 60th anniversary, the initiative conforms with Sony's slogan as a socially responsible corporate citizen in China: "Aiming to establish strong local roots and achieve long-term growth together".

The content of the program is designed to extend mutual understanding between high school students from China and Japan, while also raising environmental awareness - a topic which is coming under increased focus in China. Under the theme, "Nurturing the Next Generation for the Global Era" Sony is aiming to contribute to the growth and development of the young generation that represents China's future.

Overview of students' activities in Japan

  • 1)Eco-conscious product creation workshop
    (Vegetable-based plastic Walkman® Disassembly workshop)
  • 2)Interactive program with Japanese high school students to create models of eco-conscious international sports halls
  • 3)Environmental lectures by experts from inside and outside Sony, recycling facility visit
  • 4)Two-night homestay at Sony employees' homes
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