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September 10, 2007

Announcing "Rolly" Sound Entertainment Player A Chance for All to Share Music with Superb Sound Quality

- Integrating Motion and Light for a New Style of Music Enjoyment -

Today, Sony announces its new Sound Entertainment Player "Rolly", which proposes a radically new listening style for music. "Rolly" integrates various Sony audio technologies as well as adding robot-related technologies for motion control. The palm-sized, oval-shaped "Rolly" main unit contains horizontal opposed stereo speakers, flash memory and battery. The product can be easily carried around the home, and listeners can enjoy Rolly's clear sound in their favorite places. With "Rolly", Sony aims to create a new "sound entertainment market."

Product Name Model Release Date Suggested Retail Price
Sound Entertainment Player "Rolly" SEP-10BT September 29 Open Price

● Main Features

1.Clear Sound Created by Sony's Wealth of Audio Technologies

  1. 180º horizontal opposed stereo speakers: these minimize sound directivity, allowing users to enjoy high sound quality, no matter where they are situated.
  2. Baffle effect: sound reverberates from the surface (e.g. desk or floor), and the upper portion of "Rolly" creates a three-dimensional sound effect. Despite the product's small size, the listener can appreciate high quality audio.
  3. Digital amp for high sound quality and high efficiency/soft dome speakers adopting neodymium magnet:The digital amp permits powerful sound even with low power consumption. The compact speakers adopt a neodymium magnet to realize powerful audio performance when music is played.

2.No LCD Display – Simple User Interface for Intuitive Interaction

The "Rolly" main unit has just two control buttons – for power and playback. Sensors on the main unit allow users to perform functions like track-skipping and volume control by moving or rotating the product-body itself. Feedback on the playback condition is given in a highly intuitive form by light, sound and group voice guidance.

3.Movement to March the Music – Motion Functions

"Rolly" represents a change from the traditional concept of music as something that we just listen to. Users can create their own motions to match the music and then share with others. A set of functions adds entertainment value, as music becomes something to share with friends, something to physically experience, and a vehicle of self expression.

There are six moving parts on the main unit (2 arms, 2 shoulders, 2 wheels) and LEDs (2 side lamps.)

  1. Self Motion Function: Analyzes music transferred to the internal memory and creates a motion program.
  2. Auto Motion Function: By using the PC application Motion Editor, which is packaged with "Rolly", sophisticated motion programs can be automatically created with the push of a button.
  3. Custom Motion Function:Use Motion Editor to manually create your own motion program.

4.Bluetooth(R) Function

If the "Rolly" main unit is connected to a music player with Bluetooth connectivity (PC, mobile phone, digital music player etc.) then the audio data on that music player can be played on the "Rolly" speakers. *

  • *Must have A2DP profile compatibility. Music data contained on "Rolly" cannot be played on a Bluetooth connected device.
  • *When Bluetooth is being used for music playback only Self Motion Function can be used.

● "Rolly" Dedicated Accessories

Product Name/Model Release Date Suggested Retail Price Features
"Rolly" Recharging Cradle
September 29 Open Price "Rolly" can be recharged from AC power source
"Rolly" Soft Carrying Case
Protects "Rolly" from scratches and dust
"Rolly" Rechargeable Battery Pack

● Main Specifications

Model Name Sound Entertainment Player "Rolly" <SEP-10BT>
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery
USB power (connect with USB cable [supplied as accessory] for power from PC, etc.)
Battery Continuous Running Time (Music playback at ATRAC 64kbps/ Motion function: Sony standard motion function (equivalent to auto motion)or measured by use environment.) Music playback: approx. 5 hours
Music playback and motion function: approx. 4 hours
Music playback using Bluetooth: approx. 4 hours 30 minutes
Music playback and motion function using Bluetooth: approx. 3 hours 30 minutes
Speakers Diameter: approx. 20mm. Maximum output: 1.2W + 1.2W(when fully charged)
Frequency Characteristics 20~20,000Hz(during playback, single carrier measurement)
* Measured according to Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) standard
Interface USB terminal: miniB / Hi-Speed
Main Unit Dimensions (W_H_D) Approx: 104_65_65mm(excluding projecting portion)
Weight Approx: 300g (including battery)
(amount available to user)
Internal flash memory: 1GB
(approx 968MB=1,015,726,080 bytes)
* Part of the main unit memory is used for data management. Consequently the amount available to user differs from the standard figure given for capacity.
Replayable File Types MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
ATRAC (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding)
AAC* (Advanced Audio Coding)
*Files with AAC copyright protection cannot be played.
Maximum amount of songs and recording time (estimate)

(For music, a 4 minute song in ATRAC or MP3 format. For motion, a 4 minute song with Sony standard motion (equivalent to auto motion.) Different file formats and motion functions may change the figures.
<Music data only>
48kbps: 685 songs, approx. 45 hours 40 minutes
64kbps: 515 songs, approx. 34 hours 20 minutes
132kbps:250 songs, approx. 16 hours 40 minutes
256kbps: 130 songs, approx. 8 hours 40 minutes
352kbps: 94 songs, approx. 6 hours 10 minutes
<Music data and motion data>
48kbps: 536 songs, approx. 35 hours 40 minutes
64kbps: 426 songs, approx. 28 hours 20 minutes
132kbps: 227 songs, approx. 15 hours
256kbps: 123 songs, approx. 8 hours 10 minutes
352kbps: 90 songs, approx. 6 hours
Compatible Bit Rate MP3:32~320kbps, Variable Bit Rate (VBR)*1
*1) Non-standard and non-compensation figures may be included according to sampling frequency
ATRAC:48/64/66(ATRAC3) *2/96/105(ATRAC3) *2 /128/
*2) ATRAC3 66/105kbps CD recording cannot be performed with SonicStage CP.
AAC:16~320kbps, Variable Bit Rate (VBR)*3
*3) Non-standard and non-compensation figures may be included according to sampling frequency
Sampling Frequency* MP3:32, 44.1, 48kHz
AAC:11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48kHz
* Not compatible with all encoders.
Bluetooth(R)Outline Communication type: Conforms to Bluetooth standard Ver.2.0
Output: Bluetooth standard Power Class2
Frequency band: 2.4GHzband (2.4000GHz~2.4835GHz)
Maximum communication range: approx. 10m
Compatible Bluetooth profiles: A2DP and AVRCP
Compatible codecs: SBC and MP3
Accessories USB cable(cord length approx. 75cm)
Lithium-ion battery
Application software:
SonicStage CP
Motion Editor
Instruction Manual/Quick Start Guide
Assumed Market Price for Japan
Sound Entertainment Player "Rolly" <SEP-10BT>: approx. 40,000 yen
"Rolly" Recharging Cradle <CDL-SE10>: approx: 4,000 yen
"Rolly" Soft Carrying Case<CKR-SE10>: approx: 2,000 yen
"Rolly" Rechargeable Battery Pack <BT-SE10>: approx: 5,000 yen
   "Assumed market price" is Sony's projection of the price the market will set for a product before it goes on sale. The actual product price will be decided at the retail outlets where it is sold.


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  • *Pentium(R) is a trademark and registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
  • *Windows(R) and Windows Vista(R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation of the USA in the USA and other countries.
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