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September 20, 2007

World Leading Development and Practical Application of "Postscribed ID(TM) for DVD" Realizes Individual Serialization of DVD-Video/ROM Discs

Sony Corporation ("Sony") and Sony Disc and Digital Solutions ("SDAD") today announced the development of "Postscribed ID™ for DVD", enabling the individual serialization of DVD-Video/ROM discs.

In 2002, Sony and SDAD jointly developed and released Postscribed ID™ technology, enabling the serialization of individual CD-ROM discs during standard manufacturing processes. Since then, applications based on this technology have been developed in various markets to bridge the gap between discs and the Internet. Following the success of Postscribed ID™ technology for CD-ROMs, there has been significant demand for equivalent technology to be developed for DVD media, with its ability to carry high-quality video content.

"Postscribed ID™ for DVD" makes read-out of individual IDs embedded in DVD discs possible using standard DVD-ROM drives, without the need for firmware updates or any other software installation. Furthermore, the newly developed technology does not infringe the powerful error correction features present in the DVD format. This allows the same CD-ROM-based serialization services to now be offered on DVD-ROM media.

Data Pattern Data Pattern

By using a high-power laser diode, new reflective layer material, and extremely accurate location control technology, the area between pits on the disc surface is modified to embed the ID data. This in turn allows for compliance with the powerful error correction technology built-in to DVDs and adheres to the DVD Format (DVD Specification for Read Only Disc). The EFM signal used for direct recording of serialized ID data is based on advanced technology for preventing any impact on pre-recorded data when recording the ID onto the disc, effective write-strategy and a special reflective layer.

"Postscribed ID™ for DVD" Features

  1. Serialization of DVD Optical Media
    Enables the user to freely determine the data, such as serial numbers, they wish to record.
  2. Compliance with the DVD Format
    "Postscribed ID™ for DVD" is compatible with DVD error correction technologies and the DVD Format (DVD Specification for Read Only Disc) by writing data directly to a pre-defined target area together with error correction information.
  3. Read-out possible using regular DVD-ROM Drives
    Read-out of the ID data is possible with most drives currently on the market without updating firmware or software. Software development kit (SDK) is included, facilitating the read-out of ID data.

"Postscribed ID™ for DVD" General Information

Format Complies with "DVD Specification for Read Only Disc" Format
Supported Media DVD-Video/DVD-ROM
Data Format Binary Data
Data Length 6/32/64/512 bytes
User Data Limit 4.2GB *
Supported OS Windows2000/XP/Vista, Macintosh OSX (10.2 and above)

* DVD9 (Dual-layer) support is currently under development

  • *Postscribed ID™ is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation
  • *Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
  • *Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
  • *All other trademarks and product names are registered trademarks of the respective companies.

Contact Information for "Postscribed ID™ for DVD" Business Inquiries

Sony PCL Inc. (Japan)

  • ID Business Development

Sony DADC, U.S. (North America)

  • Marketing & Direct Sales

Sony DADC, Austria (EU)

  • Marketing & Direct Sales

"Postscribed ID™ for DVD" Technical Customer Support

Sony Disc and Digital Solutions
Postscribed ID™ Operations and Technical Services


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