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December 4, 2007

Sony Advances its Use of Renewable Energy Sources

Targets Fourfold Contribution to CO2 Reduction by Fiscal 2010

As part of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Sony Corporation is actively promoting the use of solar, wind, geothermal and biomass power generation across Sony Group companies in Japan and around the world. In fiscal 2006, the widespread implementation of renewable energy across the Sony Group helped reduce Sony's CO2 emissions by approximately 13,000 tons worldwide. Sony will continue to advance its use of renewable energy, with the aim of increasing its contribution to CO2 reduction approximately fourfold to 50,000 tons through fiscal 2010 (compared to fiscal 2006).

In Japan, Sony Group companies have used the "Green Power Certification System", jointly established by Sony and a power company in Japan, to purchase renewable energy generated at distantly located facilities since fiscal 2001*. In October 2007, Sony agreed a contract to annually purchase an additional 16 million kWh of wood biomass energy. Combined with its existing contracts, the annual amount of renewable energy now purchased by the Sony Group in Japan amounts to 36.4 million kWh, making it Japan's largest buyer of renewable energy under this system1.

Sony also began introducing renewable energy at its overseas offices and sites in fiscal 2002, and in November this year, converted its two Austrian sites to entirely renewable energy sources. Consequently, a total of nine European sites are now fully powered by renewable energy, representing 41% of Sony's total energy consumption in Europe.

Sony will continue to implement wide-ranging measures to increase its use of renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation, and will aim to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions through these efforts.

  • 1.) Sony Signs Contract to Purchase Additional 16 million kWh of Biomass Renewable Energy in Japan
    In October this year, Sony signed an agreement to purchase 16 million kWh of biomass renewable energy. Together with its existing contract for 15.5 million kWh per year, Sony is now purchasing a total of 31.5 million kWh of renewable energy per year under the "Green Power Certification System". This energy is then used by Sony Group companies across Japan. In total, Sony Group companies in Japan have now agreed contracts for the supply of 36.4 million kWh2 of renewable energy in fiscal 2007, equivalent to the reduction of approximately 13,760 tons in CO2 emissions.

    This latest agreement has been reached with Noshiro Forestry Resource Utilization Cooperative (Akita Prefecture), for energy generated using their wood biomass power facility. Established in February 2003, this facility generates approximately 20 million kWh of electric power per year. Under this agreement, Sony will receive an annual supply of 16 million kWh of electricity from this facility.
  • 2.) Two Austria Sites Converted to 100% Fully Renewable Energy Sources
    In November 2007, Sony DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) Austria (optical disc production facility), as well as Sony Austria (sales company) shifted their entire energy supply to water-generated 100% renewable energy. As a result, the 59 million kWh of energy purchased by the two facilities in fiscal 2006 will now be from entirely renewable sources, representing an annual contribution to CO<sub>2</sub> reduction of approximately 11,000 tons.
  • 1Information published by Japan Natural Energy Company Limited
    The above URL is no longer active and has been changed to the following:
  • 2Breakdown of 36.4 million kWh: Sony Corp. 31.5 million kWh (existing contract for 15.5 million kWh (wind and biomass), Sony Group Companies in Japan 4.9 million kWh (Hall Network Inc. 2.7 million kWh), Music ON!TV Inc. 700,000 kWh, Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd 1.5 million kWh)
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