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February 19, 2008

Sony to Invest Approximately 22 billion Yen to Strengthen Middle and Large Size OLED Panel Production Technology

 Sony Corporation today announced that it plans to invest approximately 22 billion yen to strengthen middle and large size OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel production technology. With this investment, Sony intends to accelerate the shift to middle and large size, high image quality OLED panels.

 Sony began researching OLED technology in 1994, and has since positioned OLED as a future next-generation display technology. In December 2007, Sony launched the world's first OLED TV, "XEL-1" in Japan, incorporating Sony's proprietary "Organic Panel" to realize extreme thinness and superb image quality through a high contrast ratio, high peak brightness, accurate color reproduction and rapid response time.

 In order to advance the shift towards middle and large size, high image quality OLED panels, Sony has decided to invest from the second half of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 towards the further development of production technologies. Sony will reinforce its TFT (thin film transistor) and EL (electroluminescent) layer coating processing facilities at Sony Mobile Display Corporation's Higashiura factory, and plans to implement this production technology during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010.

 Sony plans to continue to advance the development of OLED panels, positioning the OLED panel as a new device capable of expanding the future potential of televisions and other AV products.

Investment Overview

  • Purpose of investment:
    Strengthen middle and large size OLED panel production technology
  • Investment amount:
    Approximately 22 billion yen (planned)
  • Investment timeframe:
    From the second half of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009
  • Investment site:
    Higashiura factory, Sony Mobile Display Corporation
    (Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi prefecture, Japan)
  • Investment details:
    TFT infrastructure, EL layer coating infrastructure
  • Size of glass substrate:
    600mm X 720mm
  • Products:
    Sony Home / Personal / Professional Displays
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