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July 14, 2008

Sony Invites High School Students from China to Japan

Social Contribution Program Seeks to Enrich Cultural Perceptions and Environmental Awareness through Sony's Advanced Technologies, Product Creation (Manufacturing), and Interaction with Japanese High School Students

Sony today announced that it will invite 30 high school students from the cities of Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan and Nanjing to Japan as part of its "Sony Student Project Abroad (China) 2008" program. The 11-day program is being run in cooperation with the All China Youth Federation, China's largest youth group, and will take place from July 19th to July 29th.

The content of the program is designed to enrich its participants' perceptions of culture and society by providing opportunities to interact with Japanese high school students, visit corporate facilities and experience domestic life in Japan, while also raising environmental awareness – a topic which is coming under increased focus in China. The Sony Group is supporting this program across its organization by opening the doors of its sites and related facilities, and having employees serve as volunteer lecturers and host families for the participants. Under the theme, "Small Lens, Big Findings - Creating a greener environment through cultural exchange" the students will use digital video cameras to record their sights and experiences, and then present their findings to Sony management on the final day.

Sony Student Project Abroad (China) was launched in 2006 to commemorate Sony (China)'s 10th anniversary and Sony's 60th anniversary, and the initiative conforms with Sony's efforts to fulfill its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen in China. As declared in its slogan for China "Aiming to establish strong local roots and achieve long-term growth together" Sony is striving to contribute to the further growth and development of the young generation that represents China's future.

Sony Student Project Abroad (China) 2008 Program Schedule

Main Program

- Learning about the history and future of Sony's technologies through Sony museum, showroom and laboratory visits
- CD player assembly workshop using original kit prepared by Sony
- Learning about Sony Contactless IC card technology "FeliCa" *

  • *"FeliCa" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation

- Learning environmentally conscious design through vegetable-based plastic Walkman®* disassembly workshop
- Experiencing environmentally conscious lifestyles through two-night homestay at Sony employees' homes
- Experiencing payment of goods and public transportation using vegetable-based plastic IC card

  • *WALKMAN® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

- Interaction with Japanese high school students
- Learning traditional Japanese culture through Edo-Tokyo Museum visit and experiencing Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy and kimono-wearing
- Learning modern Japanese culture by visiting Ghiburi (Animation) Museum, Mitaka City and experiencing animation production (at A-1 Pictures, a Sony Group Company)

Date Program
7/19 Sat Participants meet in Shanghai, China
7/20 Sun Orientation in Shanghai, China
7/21 Mon Arrive in Tokyo, Japan Welcome dinner
7/22 Tue
Sony Day
Sony showroom visit Sony museum visit
(Sony Archives)
Sony Computer Science Laboratory visit
7/23 Wed
Japanese High School Student Interaction Day
Learning about Sony contactless IC card technology "FeliCa"
(Lecturer : Sony employee)
Experiencing IC card based payment and transportation (at Sony facility "Mediage", Odaiba) Sony science museum "Sony ExploraScience" visit and CD Player assembly workshop using Sony original kit (at Sony facility "Mediage", Odaiba)
7/24 Thu
Japanese Modern Culture Day
Ghiburi (Animation) Museum visit Animation Production Company A-1Pictures visit (a Sony Group Company) to experience animation production
7/25 Fri
Japanese Traditional Culture Day
Edo-Tokyo Museum visit Experiencing Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy and kimono-wearing with Japanese high school students
7/26 Sat Experiencing environmentally conscious lifestyles through a two-night homestay at Sony employees' homes
7/27 Sun
7/28 Mon
Environmental Technology Day
Vegetable-based plastic Walkman® disassembly workshop Presentation by participants Farewell dinner
(Attendees: Sony top management, host families)
7/29 Tue Return to Shanghai, China
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