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February 9, 2010

Executive Appointment

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation has announced the following executive appointment.

<As of April 1st>

[President of B2B Solutions Business Group]


Kyung-soo Ahn
Executive Vice President (EVP), Corporate Executive
(Continues as Chairman of Sony Korea Corporation)

Newly Appointed;

Tadashi Saito
Executive Vice President (EVP), Corporate Executive
(Continues as Deputy President of Consumer Products & Devices Group and President of Semiconductor Business Group)

*Kyung-soo Ahn is scheduled to retire both as EVP, Corporate Executive of Sony Corporation and as Chairman of Sony Korea Corporation as of the date of the Meeting of the Board of Directors to be held immediately after the General Meeting of Shareholders in June 2010. From April 1st until that date, in addition to continuing his chairmanship of Sony Korea, he will assume an advisory role in relation to Sony's transformation project.

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