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April 20, 2010

SKY Perfect JSAT and Sony to Broadcast 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in 3D

'Sony Presents "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ 3D"' to Air on SKY PerfecTV!

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Sony Corporation

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (hereafter SKY Perfect JSAT) and Sony Corporation (hereafter Sony) today announced plans to broadcast 25 matches from the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Tournament, which starts on June 11, in 3D. The 3D matches will be broadcast via SKY Perfect JSAT's SKY PerfecTV! HD and SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI channels under the name 'Sony Presents "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ 3D"' (reflecting Sony's flagship sponsorship of the show). Commencing June 19, the lineup of 3D matches includes live broadcasts of the Japan-Netherlands match and the tournament final.

SKY Perfect JSAT is planning to offer live HD broadcasts of all 64 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Tournament matches through its multi-channel pay television service "SKY PerfecTV!," and following today's announcement 25 matches will also be broadcast in 3D.

Sony, an Official FIFA Partner, is collaborating with FIFA on the filming and production of images for these 3D broadcasts, and will be implementing its extensive range of 3D capable broadcasting technology, including cameras and 3D outside broadcast trucks. By ensuring the availability of rich and compelling 3D content to coincide with the launch of its first "BRAVIA" LCD TVs in June, Sony intends to deliver an exciting new visual experience for the home.

The realistic sensation of 3D brings images to life and audiences closer to the action - almost as if they were in stadium itself. The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Tournament is the biggest football event in the world, expected to attract a cumulative worldwide television audience of more than 26-billion, and through these 3D broadcasts SKY Perfect JSAT and Sony aim to enable viewers to share in this excitement from the comfort of their own living room.

The 3D matches will be available via "SUKACHAN 3D169," a new channel being launched on SKY PerfecTV! as the only dedicated 3D channel in Japan. The highly-anticipated June 19 match between Japan and group favorites Netherlands, as well as the tournament final will be broadcast live in 3D, together with other showcase matches. Furthermore, 'Sony Presents "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ 3D"' will be available for free to subscribers of any channel set or package.

Beginning with the introduction of SKY Perfect JSAT's "SUKACHAN 3D169" dedicated 3D channel and the launch of Sony's 3D "BRAVIA" LCD TVs to coincide with the kick off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in June, the two companies will continue their efforts to realize new 3D viewing experiences and drive the market expansion and growth of 3D.


Details of 'Sony Presents "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ 3D"'

• Coverage
25 matches including live broadcast of JPN-NED match
Jun 19 NED vs JPN LIVE
Jul 11 Final W1 vs W2 LIVE
Jun 20 broadcast of 25 matches

• Broadcasting service and channels
SUKACHAN 3D169 on SKY PerfecTV! HD and SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI

• Matches scheduled to be broadcast in 3D

Date Match Venue Kick-Off Local Time JPN time
1 June 11 RSA vs MEX JSC 16:00 23:00
2 June 12 ARG vs NGA JEP 16:00 23:00
3 June 13 GER vs AUS DBN 20:30 3:30
4 June 14 NED vs DEN JSC 13:30 20:30
5 June 15 BRA vs PRK JEP 20:30 3:30
6 June 16 ESP vs SUI DBN 16:00 23:00
7 June 17 ARG vs KOR JSC 13:30 20:30
8 June 18 SVN vs USA JEP 16:00 23:00
9 June 19 NED vs JPN DBN 13:30 20:30
10 June 20 BRA vs CIV JSC 20:30 3:30
11 June 21 ESP vs HON JEP 20:30 3:30
12 June 22 NGA vs KOR DBN 20:30 3:30
13 June 23 GHA vs GER JSC 20:30 3:30
14 June 24 SVK vs ITA JEP 16:00 23:00
15 June 25 POR vs BRA DBN 16:00 23:00
16 June 27 1B vs 2A (2) JSC 20:30 3:30
17 June 28 1E vs 2F (5) DBN 16:00 23:00
18 June 28 1G vs 2H (7) JEP 20:30 3:30
19 July 2 Quarter Finals 1 vs 3 (A) JSC 20:30 3:30
20 July 3 Quarter Finals 2 vs 4 (B) CPT 16:00 23:00
21 July 3 Quarter Finals 6 vs 8 (D) JEP 20:30 3:30
22 July 6 Semi Finals A vs C (I) CPT 20:30 3:30
23 July 7 Semi Finals B vs D (II) DBN 20:30 3:30
24 July 10 3rd Place Play-off PLZ 20:30 3:30
25 July 11 Final W1 vs W2 JSC 20:30 3:30
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