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March 1, 2011

Establishment of Sony Global Treasury Services (Hong Kong) Limited

Strengthening Financial Management of Businesses in China

(Tokyo, March 1, 2011) - Sony Corporation (hereafter "Sony") today announced the establishment of Sony Global Treasury Services (Hong Kong) Limited (hereafter "SGTS Hong Kong") in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. SGTS Hong Kong was established in January 2011 and will commence operations in April 2011 with the aim of managing financial operations for the Sony Group's businesses in the People's Republic of China (hereafter "China") and coordinating financial risk management services relating to Sony's major ODM/OEM businesses.

Sony's hedging of Chinese renminbi (hereafter "RMB") has hitherto been managed by its mainland China subsidiary, Sony (China) Ltd. The establishment of SGTS Hong Kong corresponds with the People's Bank of China's June 2010 guidelines regarding the acceleration of RMB use overseas, and the aim is to enhance the Sony Group's RMB currency management by adopting RMB as the import/export currency for transactions across many of its subsidiaries in mainland China and consolidating RMB at SGTS Hong Kong.

This opportunity is also being used to incorporate financial operations that were previously independently managed in mainland China into the SGTS framework, which is the global financial management network for the Sony Group, to strengthen the governance and efficiency of Sony's overall financial activities, including foreign exchange and funding.

Furthermore, Sony has financial transactions with ODM/OEM partners across a wide range of product categories. By gradually consolidating within SGTS Hong Kong such financial transactions that were managed by each business unit, including commercial distribution, payments, and protection of account receivables, Sony will simplify each process and strengthen financial risk management.

Sony Global Treasury Services Plc. (SGTS) was established in London in December 2000 with the mission of being a global center for the entire Sony Group's foreign exchange management and fund management/raising operations. It has operations in Tokyo, New York and Singapore. SGTS is positioned as a shared service center which integrates foreign exchange and cash management operations across the Sony Group, while also coordinating financial risk management services for Sony Group companies worldwide.

Company Overview

  • Company Name :
    Sony Global Treasury Services (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Establishment Date :
    January 6, 2011
  • Headquarters :
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
  • Capital :
    JPY 8.3 billion (USD 100 million at exchange rate applicable at time of establishment: USD 1 = JPY 83.38)
  • Employees :
    Approximately 10
  • Directors :
    Satoshi Fujioka, Managing Director
    Mitsuya Kishida, Director
    Hiroshi Kurihara, Director
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