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January 10, 2012

Sony launches “PlayMemories” series globally starting from January 2012
Enjoy High Quality Videos and Photos Captured with digital Cameras and Camcorders across Various Devices.

Tokyo, Japan - January 10, 2012 -- Sony Corporation (“Sony”) today announced that it will launch the “PlayMemories” series, which enables users to enjoy high quality videos and photos on a variety of devices including LCD TVs, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. It offers unprecedented ease of viewing and editing and sharing memorable video and photos content on various outlets as well as over its cloud service.

Sony has been providing customers with a variety of digital cameras and camcorders for capturing moments of everyday life to professional situations as well as offering various post shooting products and services to enjoy their content. Under the concept, "Play More. All your Memories,” the “PlayMemories” series will realize an experience where users can enjoy their personal content across various devices. We will aim to enrich customer’s digital imaging experience not only during but also post shooting.

The “PlayMemories” series consists of four solutions: PlayMemories Online for easily managing and sharing videos and photos overthrough the cloud, PlayMemories Home for organizing and editing content on a personal computer, PlayMemories Studio for organizing, editing and viewing on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®); and PlayMemories Mobile for transferring content from Wi-Fi enabled Bloggie, announced in the U.S., to a smartphone and tablet.

Features of PlayMemories series

● PlayMemories Online
Available starting in spring 2012 (free)

Through this cloud service, users can easily upload high quality videos and photos captured with digital cameras or camcorders and enjoy them anytime, anywhere, on many devices including compatible Bravia® , personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. With a single account, users can enjoy this service as well as video and digital music services which are also offered on the Sony Entertainment Network platform.
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Play Memories Online “PlayMemories Online” concept image

● PlayMemories Home
Bundled with Sony's digital imaging products starting from January 2012

Users can easily transfer, organize, view, edit and share images and videos they capture through this PC software

Organizing & Viewing: Calendar View and Map View simplify the task of organizing videos and photos according to date or location. Additionally, users can view or upload stored personal content on digital cameras and camcorders directly by bypassing their PC.

Editing: Both 2D and 3D images can be easily edited and copied to a Blu-ray disc.

Play Memories Home “PlayMemories Home” concept image

Sharing: Uploading to “PlayMemories Online” is a breeze and can be done without a web browser. Uploading to Facebook® , YouTube™ and more are possible.

● PlayMemories Studio
Available starting in spring 2012 at PlayStation®Store (paid)

Taking advantage of the extremely high processing power of PS3®, users can freely zoom and scroll videos and photos, and even easily edit HD video content as if they were playing a game. Crisp handling of large-sized images which has been unimaginable in the past has now become possible on PS3® with this application. Handling the images has become as comfortable as playing a game by using a DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller. Also, it is possible to remotely use the service with PlayStation®Vita or PSP® (PlayStation Portable) , via Remote Play*1.

A free trial version of the application for a limited time will be available.

Play Memories Studio “PlayMemories studio” concept image

Organizing & Viewing: In addition to the videos and photos stored on PS3®, content stored on cameras, external hard drives and storage devices connected via USB can be viewed without the need to transfer to PS3®. Also, users can easily search and sort images by date or location.

Editing: By using action tags, adding visual/sound effects such as slow motion and frame by frame playback or inserting captions and scripts to the images are as easy and enjoyable as playing a game.

Sharing: Easily Upload to Facebook®, PlayMemories Online and more.

  • *1: Requires a Wi-Fi connection.

● PlayMemories Mobile
Available at Android™ Market and App Store(SM) starting in early January (free)

Through the PlayMemories Mobile application for Android™ or iOS, users can easily transfer videos and pictures captured with Wi-Fi enabled Bloggie, announced in the U.S., to their smartphone or tablet devices. User can upload this content from their smartphone or tablet devices to Facebook® , Youtube™ and PlayMemories Online.

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