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April 16, 2013

Establishment of Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.

Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.

“Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.” has been newly established as of April 16, 2013 as a medical business venture of Sony Corporation (“Sony”) and Olympus Corporation (“Olympus”).

Sony Olympus Medical Solutions aims to align Sony's cutting-edge electronics technologies in areas such as digital imaging with Olympus' manufacturing and R&D expertise in the area of medical products including lenses and optical technologies in order to bring high-quality medical care to as many people as possible, and contribute to medical advancement worldwide. Sony Olympus Medical Solutions plans to develop, design, manufacture, and market new innovative medical products such as surgical endoscopes and related systems and also plans to establish a new medical and imaging systems solutions business to deliver comprehensive solutions for operating rooms worldwide.

The Sony Olympus Medical Solutions logo symbolizes the integration between the two companies and the innovation Sony Olympus Medical Solutions aims to bring to the field of medical surgery resulting in comfort and wellness to patients, doctors and people all over the world.

Comment from Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation

At Sony, we are targeting the medical business for mid- to long-term growth, and we have been engaged in several initiatives to expand this business. I am very excited that we have established this new joint venture, which will be core to these efforts. We will channel our cutting-edge imaging technologies, resources and assets into the new venture.
By integrating these with Olympus' wealth of knowledge and expertise in medical technologies and business, I am confident the new company will bring innovation to the medical industry and achieve great success.

Comment from Hiroyuki Sasa, Representative Director and President, Olympus Corporation

In establishing this joint venture with Sony, a world leader in imaging technology, we have taken a step toward the future of medical treatment. The medical business is a driver for profit and growth at Olympus, and we have targeted the “drastic growth of our surgical business” as a key strategy. By combining the two companies' technologies and taking maximum advantage of the resulting synergies, I believe we will be able to make a contribution to world medical progress through innovative new medical devices developments that Olympus could not achieve on its own.

Overview of Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc

  • Date of Incorporation
    April 16, 2013
  • Stated Capital
    JPY 50 million (Sony 51%, Olympus 49%)
  • Headquarters
    Koyasu 4-7-1, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
  • Officers
    President and Representative Director
    Toru Katsumoto
    Executive Vice President and Representative Director
    Takashi Fukaya
    Director, General Manager of Business Planning Dept.
    Toshiya Oji
    Director, General Manager of Product Development Dept.
    Noboru Shibutani
    Director (non-full-time)
    Tadashi Saito
    Akihiro Taguchi
    Masahiko Kinukawa
    Auditor (non-full-time)
    Takashi Harada
    Akimasa Wakabayashi
  • Type of Business
    (1) Develop, design, manufacture, and sell high resolution technologies of 4K and above,
      new surgical endoscopes with 3D capabilities, and related systems
    (2) Provide comprehensive medical and imaging device solutions for operating rooms and other medical
  • Accounting Period:
    From April 1 through March 31
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