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August 29, 2018

Sony Releases Sustainability Report 2018
Outlining Its Efforts to Create Sustainable Social Value

    Tokyo, Japan—Sony Corporation today published its Sustainability Report 2018 on the Sony website. The report outlines the long-term approach the Sony Group takes to sustainability across its various businesses, details achievements in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 ("FY2017"), and describes how Sony is creating social value through innovation.

    Recognizing the importance of disclosing information on its approach to social responsibility, Sony began issuing a CSR Report in 2003. This year, aiming to further improve information disclosure to stakeholders, Sony changed the name of the report to "Sustainability Report." The enhanced report presents the Group's strategies for contributing to the creation of sustainable social value through its businesses.

    Sony's Corporate Direction, presented on May 22, outlines Sony's commitment to management from a long-term perspective. It is focused on generating social value including the natural environment of the Earth, in addition to creating more economic value. Sony will continue to provide information that meets stakeholders' needs by publishing the Sustainability Report and maintaining channels for dialogue with stakeholders.

    Summary of Sustainability Report 2018

    Sony's Approach to Sustainability

    • Sony seeks to enhance its corporate value through innovation and sound business practices and contribute to the development of sustainable society. This forms the core of its corporate social responsibility(CSR).
    • The Approach to Sustainability section in the report outlines Sony's approach to creating economic and social value through corporate activities and to its relationships with stakeholders.

    Main CSR Achievements in FY2017


    Main Achievement in FY2017 under the Green Management 2020 Environmental Mid-Term Targets

    • Approx. 50% reduction of annual energy consumption per product (target: average reduction of 30% compared to FY2013).
    • Approx. 12% reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions at all Sony sites (target: 5% reduction compared to FY2015).
    • Use of renewable energy equivalent to approx. 154,000 tons of CO2 reduction (aggregate total for FY2016-2017; target: Use of renewable energy equivalent to 300,000 tons of CO2 reduction by FY2020)
    • Approx. 9% reduction of waste generated at Sony sites (target: 5% reduction compared to FY2015).
    • Conducted biodiversity protection and education activities at all Sony sites (target: implementation of local environmental contribution activities respecting the needs of local communities).


    Diversity & Inclusion

    • Continued to celebrate Diversity Week in Japan, North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia with the aim of raising employee awareness and recognition of the significance of diversity and promoting action for change.
    • As of the end of FY 2017, percentage of female employees hired at Sony Group at 34%. Percentage of managerial positions occupied by women at 25%.
    • Percentage of persons with disabilities hired at Sony Corporation at 2.76% (legally mandated employment rate in Japan: 2.2%). Utilized experience with hiring persons with disabilities gained in Japan to promote hiring of persons with disabilities in Thailand and Malaysia.
    • Promoted LGBT-related initiatives, including making certain HR policies available to same-sex partners and participating in LGBT pride parades in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Sony Bank has also launched a new LGBT initiative in its mortgage loans.
    • Work-style reform project on a full - scale implementation at Sony Group companies in the electronics business in Japan.
    • Existing telework policy revamped into new Flexible Work policy at Sony Corporation, expanding the scope of eligible employees and increasing the number of days/hours that the program can be used.

    3.Responsible Supply Chain

    Responsible Sourcing of Materials
    • Established Sony Group Policy for Responsible Supply Chain of Minerals in October 2017, identifying four minerals (tantalum, tin, gold, and tungsten) and cobalt as "High-Risk minerals" for Sony from a CSR viewpoint.
    • Conducted assessments of the cobalt supply chain and requested that certain suppliers comply with the Sony Group Policy for Responsible Supply Chain of Minerals.
    CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain
    • Continued to implement initiatives to address issues in the supply chain such as human rights, labor conditions, health and safety, the environment based on Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct.
    • Conducted assessments of 16 Sony manufacturing sites and 224 suppliers in FY2017.
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