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June 7, 2019

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Acquires Network Virtualization Technology Developer Mido Holdings Ltd.

    Sony Corporation
    Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

    Tokyo, Japan—Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation today announced that it has acquired the network virtualization technology developer Mido Holdings Ltd. by signing a share transfer agreement with the shareholders of Mido Holdings and completing the transfer of shares. Consequently, Mido Holdings has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

    Virtualization technologies include virtual network technology, which uses software to reconfigure networks without altering the physical infrastructure of communication devices such as routers and switches, and technologies that virtually integrate and control multiple servers and storage devices. These technologies are used to build cloud computing systems and other such highly flexible systems.

    The acquisition of Mido Holdings will enable Sony Semiconductor Solutions to utilize Mido Holdings's virtualization technologies together with its image sensor technology, making it possible to configure a virtual environment that integrates multiple edge devices equipped with image sensors. This, in turn, will allow the company to provide a new edge computing environment that can be linked with cloud systems.

    This acquisition will have only a minor impact on Sony Corporation's consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020.

    About Mido Holdings Ltd.

    • Headquartered:
      Lausanne, Switzerland
    • Employees:
    • Main offices:
      Tokyo, Barcelona, and other locations
    • Main fields of business:
      • Development and sales of software for cloud computing
      • Development, sales, and maintenance of MidoNet software, which aims to become the de facto standard for virtual networking solutions in OpenStack, an open source cloud computing project.
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