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September 11, 2019

CEATEC 2019 Sony Exhibition Overview

"Creating Social Value through Technology" in the Medical Field

    Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation ("Sony") will be exhibiting at CEATEC 2019 to be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan from October 15 to 18, under the theme of "Sony's Technologies x Medical/Life Science"
    Sony's Purpose is to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Sony pursues the creation of a diverse range of social value through the power of technology and positions its medical business as one of the important pillars in which it can contribute to the delivery of safety and reliability in lives.
    The Sony booth will display a wide variety of its unique cutting-edge technologies as well as the medical products leveraged by these technologies and demonstrate its deep commitment to delivering social value both on the medical front lines and in the field of life sciences.

    Sample image of Sony Booth

    Medical Imaging Field

    Advances in medical technologies have led to the spread of minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries and surgical procedures conducted using monitor images which reduce the strain placed on patients, and there is an increased demand for video systems of higher image quality.
    Sony offers a wide range of medical devices, from surgical cameras that record the surgical site to monitors and recorders, and contributes to the high-quality streamlined medical imaging workflow in hospitals. These devices leverage Sony's various technologies including image sensing, optical, 3D, 4K, color reproduction or transmission.

    Image Sensing Technology

    Sony's backlit CMOS image sensors and image processing technologies enable high-resolution 4K images with minimal noise interference, even in dark areas. These technologies are incorporated in 4K surgical cameras, 4K surgical endoscope system*1, the camera head of the 4K 3D surgical microscope system*1, and more.

    • *1:Technological development for the 4K surgical endoscope system and 4K 3D surgical microscope system was carried out by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions, a medical joint venture company between Sony Imaging Products and Solutions and Olympus Corporation.

    3D Technology

    In order to achieve more natural 3D expressions, Sony has been developing parallel optical mechanism optimized for 3D video filming, and also technologies to make those mechanisms more compact. Sony also leverages its wide-ranging expertise to reproduce a more natural three-dimensional image. These 3D imaging related technologies are incorporated in the 4K 3D surgical microscope system.*1

    Wide Color Range Reproduction Technology

    A wide color range reproduction is achieved on the monitors by supporting the imaging signals (ITU-R BT.2020) used in the 4K broadcasting standards. In particular, these monitors boast high reproducibility of reds, supporting easy distinction in microstructures and blood vessels, and accurate judgment during surgery.

    Transmission Technology

    By using its unique and highly efficient LLVC*2 transmission technology, developed through Sony's longstanding expertise in professional broadcasting, Sony achieves low latency and high picture quality IP transmission of data in hospitals. It is applied and deployed on its IP-based medical imaging platform, NUCLeUS, which integrate images from within and outside the surgical room for a wide variety of applications.

    • *2:Abbreviation of Low Latency Video Codec

    Life Sciences Field

    The recent progress in regenerative medicine and research of immunology has highlighted the importance of cell analysis, and Sony has its flow cytometer to address this need*3. By providing comprehensive cell information in the fields such as immunology and oncology, regenerative medicine and iPS cell research, Sony is contributing to the acceleration of life sciences.

    Optical Analysis Technology

    By adopting the optical disc technology used for Blu-Ray discs, to cell analysis systems that use lasers as a light source, Sony is achieving automation for the detection and isolation functions of cell information.

    Motion Analysis Technology

    Using Sony's unique cell analysis algorithm, the Motion Vector Prediction Method (MVP method), Sony has achieved an industry first by enabling rapid detection of cell movements noninvasively and without the use of coloring reagents.

    • *3:"Flow cytometer" is the general term for devices that optically analyze cell counts and information about the interior and exterior of cells (size, structure, biomarkers, etc.). More specifically, it refers to sorters, which isolate target cells for study, and analyzers, used primarily when observing cells.
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