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February 24, 2020

Sony and ZEISS to expand strategic collaboration
to Xperia smartphones

    Sony Corporation
    Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.
    Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

    Tokyo/Japan, Oberkochen/Germany, 24 February 2020 - Sony and ZEISS today jointly announced their strategic collaboration expansion from digital imaging to Xperia smartphones.

    Sony's new flagship smartphone Xperia 1 II will feature ZEISS optics with T* (T-Star) anti-reflective coating to enhance the quality of images and deliver the best photography experience to consumers. Xperia 1 II offers the world's first1 smartphone with up to 20fps2 AF/AE tracking burst and 5G connectivity for a complete creative entertainment experience.

    Sony and ZEISS have built on the long-shared history and expertise since the launch of Sony's first video Hi8 HandycamⓇ CCD-TR555 in 1996. Over the past few decades, this strategic collaboration has evolved to include digital still cameras, such as Cyber-shot RX series, α™ (Alpha™) camera lenses, and 4K HandycamⓇ camcorders.

    Sony and ZEISS are founded on a shared passion for innovation and continue to pursue their joint ambition to empower and expand the best quality imaging experience to wider consumers.

    "For a quarter of a century of the strategic collaboration between ZEISS and Sony, we have strived to promote the evolution of digital imaging products and diversify the way and occasions users take pictures. Using our technologies and expertise in the fields of optics and electronics as well as our strong drive to create new value through innovation, we have enabled users to display their creativity," said Shigeki Ishizuka, Senior Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of Electronics Products & Solutions Business, Sony Corporation. "We will deliver new photography experiences with smartphones through the expansion of our strategic collaboration."

    "What Sony and ZEISS started in 1996 is now a powerful partnership with a clear mission: to set new standards in digital photography. We share a deep passion for photography as well as the will to anticipate new technologies. Bolstered by the spirit to push the limits of the imagination and our unique optical expertise acquired over more than 170 years, ZEISS is introducing essential elements for the next level of smartphone imaging", said Jörg Schmitz, Executive Vice President, Head of ZEISS Consumer Products. "Seeing beyond borders and pushing limits is what motivates us to break new ground in smartphone imaging together with Sony."

    • 1Xperia 1 II's camera features up to 20 fps AF/AE continuous shooting with tracking. Xperia 1 II produces in-focus photos at up to 20 fps by continuously calculates AF/AE up to 60 times/second. Verified by Strategy Analytics' SpecTRAX Service against the published camera specifications for over 16,000 smartphones. Correct as of the 23rd February 2020.
    • 2Up to 20fps burst shooting with AF/AE is available for 24mm camera. 16mm and 70mm camera can shot up to 10fps AF/AE. This function can be taken with "Photography Pro". Effective when drive mode is "Hi". Effective when shutter speed is 1/100 second or faster. It may vary depending on the shooting environment. Maximum fps will depend on shooting environment and settings.
    • *All listed product names listed here are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation or of their respective owners.
    • *ZEISS is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss AG.
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