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August 28, 2020

Sony Publishes Corporate Report 2020

    Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation ("Sony") has published "Corporate Report 2020," which comprehensively covers both financial and non-financial information about the company. The report has been made publicly available through Sony's Investor Relations (IR) website beginning today.

    The theme of Sony's mid-range plan for the current three-year period, which began in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, is to "generate sustainable social value and maintain a high level of profit," and to that end the company is emphasizing management from a long-term perspective. Last year, as part of this mid-range plan, Sony established its "Value Creation Stories" (how Sony can best position itself to build clear value creation stories over the long term) and published a Corporate Report for the first time. Based on this idea, this year Sony has deepened internal discussions on value creation from a long-term perspective and engaged in a series of dialogues with external experts and investors.
    This report introduces the progress of initiatives and the implementation of strategies to realize the "Value Creation Stories" based on those discussions and dialogues.

    Corporate Report 2020 統合報告書

    Main Features of Corporate Report 2020

    • Value Creation at Sony
      • Clearly indicates the value created across the whole Sony Group through its diverse businesses, and outlines the main revenue sources and investment policies of each business to identify the characteristics of each business field.
      • Introduces specific measures and results from each business as well as examples of synergy between businesses related to "Reinforcing Our Content Intellectual Property," one of the fundamental aspects of the current mid-range plan.
    • Businesses and Foundation for Creating Value
      • Provides a list of material topics and presents a complete picture of Sony's activities that form the foundation of value creation.
      • Focuses on the two most important material topics of "Technology" and "Employees" and provides the following:
        • "Technology": Examples of Sony R&D's current projects and specific examples of value creation through Sony's technology.
        • "Employees": Common efforts and human resources strategies across the Sony Group to realize value creation powered by diverse employees, as well as specific strategies and attitudes regarding employees held by each of Sony's unique businesses.
      • Cleary indicates the material topics that form the foundation for creating value in each business in addition to an outline of the value creation for each business.
      • Provides more detailed information related to corporate governance, including newly provided details regarding the experience and expertise of Outside and Non-Executive Directors and further information regarding executive compensation.

    Through this Report, Sony seeks to enhance understanding among investors and other stakeholders regarding Sony's approach to management based on a long-term perspective, and at the same time, promote further dialogue to enhance Sony's corporate value over the long term. In addition to this Report, Sony has also today released its "Sustainability Report 2020," which provides more detailed information of Sony's sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that form the basis of value creation.

    Based on its Purpose to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology" and corporate direction of "getting closer to people," Sony aims to harness its diversity and realize the kinds of value creation that only it can deliver.

    Corporate Report 2020 Overview

    • Sony’s Purpose & Values
    • Message from the CEO
    • Value Creation at Sony
      • A History of Creating Value through Diversity of Businesses
      • Value Creation
      • Business Profiles
      • Financial Highlights
      • Message from the CFO
      • Mid-Range Plan
      • Value Creation Case Study: Reinforcing Our Content Intellectual Property
    • Businesses and Foundation for Creating Value
      • Foundation for Creating Value
      • Creating Value in Each Business
    • Corporate Governance


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