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April 13, 2021

Sony Group's Corporate Distinguished Engineer, Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto awarded
"2021 SID Fellow Awards" by the Society of Information Display (SID)

Awarded for contributing to the development of the display field through accomplishments such as the world's first organic TFT*1-driven rollable OLED display and flexible electronic paper*2

    The Society for Information Display (SID), the world's largest electronic display society, has awarded Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto, a Corporate Distinguished Engineer at Sony Group Corporation's R&D Center who contributes to the formulation of Sony Group's overall technology strategy, the “2021 SID Fellow Awards.” SID is the most prestigious society in the display industry, and SID fellow is awarded to those who have contributed to innovation and development of the display industry.

    The title was awarded in recognition of Dr. Nomoto’s various contributions to organic electronics in the display field, including the realization of the world's first foldable/rollable OLED display*3 driven by organic TFT*1, as well as the development of flexible electronic paper*2, OLED microdisplays*4 and micro-LED displays*5.

    • *1Organic Thin Film Transistor (TFT): a thin-film transistor that uses organic materials (compounds with a carbon skeleton) as the semiconductor layer material.
    • *2Electronic paper driven by thin-film transistors formed on a resin substrate.
    • *3An OLED display that can be bent and rolled up. In recent years, this technology has been increasingly applied to smartphones and large-screen TVs.
    • *4A small OLED display driven by a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS), which is increasingly being used in electronic viewfinders for digital cameras and for AR/VR headsets.
    • *5A display consisting of an array of micro-LED chips made of compound semiconductors.


    Sony Group Corporation, Corporate Distinguished Engineer, Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto

    Comment from Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto

    "It is a great honor and a humbling experience to be selected as a SID Fellow. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the members of my research and development teams, and to the many people both inside and outside of Sony who have supported me in my work. I believe that display technology will continue to play an important role as a technology that embodies Sony's management direction as "getting closer to people" and creates emotional experiences. I would like to continue to contribute to people's lives and society through research and development in this field."

    About the “SID Fellow” distinction

    "SID Fellow" is a distinction conferred by the Board of Directors upon a SID member of outstanding qualifications and experience as a scientist or engineer in the field of information display who has made widely recognized and significant contributions to the advancement of the display field.

    About Sony Group's "Corporate Distinguished Engineer Program"

    The "Corporate Distinguished Engineer Program" is a system for designating engineers who have the highest level of expertise and technical insight in important technology fields, and who are able to identify signals of change, formulate and promote technical strategies for Sony's sustainable growth, and discover engineers with high potential and support their development. These employees are chosen from the entire Sony Group and designated as "Corporate Distinguished Engineers."

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