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April 21, 2021

Sony Group and Vodafone Germany
start 5G driving test of VISION-S Prototype

Toward the realization of highly autonomous driving and the creation of new values for cabin space

    In April 2021, the Sony Group Corporation (hereafter, "Sony") and Vodafone Germany began VISION-S Prototype 5G driving tests on a test course in Aldenhoven, Germany.


    With the evolution of communication technology, adoption of the next-generation mobile communication system 5G is becoming increasingly proliferated, and technological innovations such as improved safety and convenience that take advantage of 5G's low latency, large capacity and high speed are expected in the mobility field as well.

    In order to maximize the performance of 5G in a real environment, it will be necessary to optimize the antenna shape and layout, as well as the modem control in the TCU (Telematics Control Unit) to maintain an uninterrupted connection even when traveling across base stations. For this project, Sony will apply various technologies and expertise that it has cultivated over the years through the development of smartphones, including hardware and software design for communication systems, the formulation of communication quality evaluation indexes, and the analysis of propagation characteristics in field tests, to the area of mobility development.

    VISION-S Prototype is equipped with 5G network connectivity, which enables a continuous connection between the in-vehicle systems and the cloud, in order to synchronize data and control signals, and update the systems OTA (Over The Air). Sony will conduct driving tests to verify the possibility of low-delay transmission of various sensor data acquired from the vehicle to the cloud, and real-time control from the cloud to the vehicle, and proceed verification and development for optimization of the communication environment even in vehicles running at high speed.

    Comment from Mr.Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany.

    "Real time mobile communication turns cars into databases on wheels. In our 5G Mobility Lab, the VISION-S Prototype learns to communicate in real time. Together with Sony, we are preparing the first prototype for 5G so that in the future new features can be imported into the car over the air and with a simple software update"

    By expanding open partnerships through the VISION-S initiative, Sony will continue to actively promote collaboration with global companies which possess various technologies and expertise. Also, continue to contribute to the evolution of mobility by combining its cutting-edge technologies to realize automotive safety and security, as well as in-car entertainment that brings new excitement.

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