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September 3, 1998

Sony Announces New VAIO Notebook Computer
Equipped with a Built-in Miniature CCD Video Camera for Sending Images over E-mail


Tokyo, Japan-Sony Corporation today announced plans to launch a new VAIO notebook computer, model [PCG-C1], equipped with a built-in CCD video camera for taking digital video clips and still pictures that can be easily sent out attached to e-mail messages or uploaded to a homepage along with other multimedia content such as sounds and images. The new VAIO [PCG-C1] notebook will be released on the Japanese market this September.

ModelIntroduction DatePriceInitial Production
VAIO Notebook PC [PCG-C1]
233MHz Intel®Pentium®Processor with
MMXTMTechnology, 3.2GB HDD, 64MB
SDRAM1, 8.9-inch ultra-wide XGA
(1024 X 480) TFT display
Sept. 19,1998
(in Japan)
Open5,000 units
1 32MB onboard+32MB expansion

In recent years, the popularity of the Internet has grown rapidly, and the use of the personal computer as the main form of communication across the digital network environment has increased. While text data has traditionally been the main form of digital communication, the demand for communication involving the easy transfer of various other data such as images and sounds is increasing.

This new category of VAIO computer was created in response to consumers' needs for a computer that can easily input, process, and transmit multimedia data such as images and sounds.

Product Concept for the [PCG-C1] VAIO Notebook Computer

Visual Communication- the [PCG-C1] comes equipped with an integrated 1/6 inch 270,000 pixel CCD video camera that can capture digital still images as well as video clips complete with sound. Both types of images can be easily sent out as attachments to email messages2.
2Requires a separate contract with an Internet Service Provider

Mobile Reporting- digital still images and text can be inputted with ease into a single document in order to create a multimedia file such as a travel diary. Such a document can then be converted to HTML format and easily uploaded to a server to create an Internet homepage

Casual Digital Imaging- the miniature digital camera built-in to the new VAIO can be used to capture still images and video clips with all the ease of a conventional camcorder or digital still camera. Sony's proprietary PictureGear Version 2.5 SE software can be used not only to organize and browse images, but also to adjust the brightness and contrast, create simple animation, or even create a continuous 360° panorama from digital still frames.

Visual Interaction- When one of Sony's original CyberCode 2-D barcodes is passed across the eye of the built-in camera, a pre-registered software application starts up. Thus, the VAIO's built-in video camera is used not only for taking video footage and still pictures; it also serves as the "eye" of the computer.

The new VAIO [PCG-C1] notebook incorporates the full functionality of a notebook computer in an extremely portable (240mm X 140mm X 37mm)3 and lightweight (1.1kg)4 package. Moreover, it comes equipped with a variety of original software such as Smart Capture that can be used to receive and process images captured by the built-in video camera, providing users with new ways to enjoy digital images and other data on their notebook computers.

3 Case Size not including maximum projections
4 When equipped with the (S) size battery pack

Main Features of the VAIO [PCG-C1] Notebook Computer

Incorporates a built-in 1/6 inch CCD video camera (Motion Eye) and pre-installed original software that alllows users to send out video clips and still pictures by e-mail, create home pages, and upload them to the Internet.

Supports Sony's new Cyber Code format, which allows users to initiate applications programs by passing a 2-Dimensional bar code in front of the built-in video camera.

Allows 360° panoramic images to be easily generated from digital still frames.

Incorporates an easy-viewing 8.9-inch XGA (1024X480) TFT Liquid Crystal Display

Features with an easy-to-use 17mm pitch/ 2mm stroke keyboard.

Incorporates a standard i.LINK (IEEE1394) digital interface that can be used to import high-quality images from digital video cameras.

Features a magnesium alloy outer shell with look-and-feel of a high-class design.

Includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) compliant floppy disk drive accessory.

Employs a stick pointer device that can be used to scroll the screen and perform other functions.

Includes a high-speed 56KBps (K56flex) modem as standard equipment.

Offers programmable, one-touch "Hot Keys" for quick access of a user's favorite functions.

Optional accessories include:
DescriptionModel #MSRP5Planned Launch Date
Lithium-ion Battery Pack(S)
Lithium-ion Battery Pack(L)
USB Printer Cable
USB Printer Mouse
15,000 yen
30,000 yen
12,000 yen
September 19, 1998
Late September 1998
September 19, 1998
Late October 1998
5Prices do not include sales tax.