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Press Release

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March 21, 2001

"OpenMG Light"
- Digital Rights Management and Distribution System

Developing copyright protection technology "OpenMG" for digital contents distribution through mobile devices

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony Corporation has developed a digital rights management and distribution system ("OpenMG Light") geared toward mobile devices. The background to this is the rapid development of network infrastructure and the increasingly multifunctional nature of mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. OpenMG Light will be offered to telecommunications carriers, music labels and other related parties as a system which responds flexibly to the needs of the diversifying digital contents distribution business.

OpenMG Light is a server-client rights management and distribution system. It builds on the results of the existing reliable OpenMG system which is a copyright protection technology for digital music on PCs. The OpenMG function is divided into the "OpenMG Light Server System" for digital contents distribution and "OpenMG Light Client" software for downloading, saving and playing contents on mobile devices. While maintaining the copyright protection reliability of the OpenMG system, the compact scale of the software program for OpenMG Light Client gives economical processing and makes it easy to integrate into PDAs and mobile phones which have restrictions in terms of size. Power consumption is also significantly controlled.

The OpenMG Light Server System for digital contents distribution adopts a flexible architecture which makes modifications easy and allows for the creation of new services. This permits integration with existing billing and distribution systems. The system will also allow multiple clients to access the service simultaneously. Finally, bearing in mind the mobile environment, contents distribution can be resumed after a break in communications.