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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
November 27, 2003

The following is an updated to the Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.'s press release of October 7, 2003. Please note that this update also includes specification changes as well.


Maximum 325-hour Video Recording Becomes Available on DESR-7000

HDD+DVD Recorder"PSX"(HDD is hard recorder)

Tokyo, October 7, 2003 - Targeting the year-end shopping season in Japan, Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. will launch two models of PSX, a new generation HDD+DVD recorder, created through the convergence of electronics and games technologies of the Sony Group.

Empowered by two key semiconductors ("EmotionEngine®" and "Graphics Synthesizer"), CPU and graphics rendering processor used for PlayStation 2, PSX has realized a high-speed high-definition GUI (Graphical User Interface), the likes of which have never been experienced before. This first-of-a-kind GUI enables speedy and easy access of various content to be enjoyed on PSX, with the same level easiness as switching TV channels with a remote control.

PSX is also equipped with various features as a digital media player, providing storage and playback of a variety of entertainment content such as high-resolution, mega-pixel images from digital still cameras and music from various package media.

Since PSX is designed to run various features by firmware via a powerful hardware engine, users can upgrade or add new features later by accessing the network.*1

The two PSX models of DESR-5000 and DESR-7000 are equipped with maximum capacity HDD respectively to accommodate various features in serving as a digital home electronics product as well as a game device for enjoying PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games.

Sony Marketing (Japan) aims to accelerate the expansion of the DVD recorder market by positioning PSX as the key to home entertainment and the core for digital electronics products throughout the living room.

*1: Details will be announced on the Sony Marketing (Japan) website on a later date.

Model Name
Planned MSRP
250GB HDD+DVD recorder [DESR-7000]
December 13, 2003
99,800 yen
160GB HDD+DVD recorder[DESR-5000]
December 13, 2003
79,800 yen
160GB "PSX" analog controller(DUAL SHOCK2)[DESR-10]
December 13, 2003
3,500 yen

<DESR-5000/7000 Main Features>

1. High capacity HDD+DVD recorder
PSX, "DESR-7000" and "DESR-5000" are equipped with 250GB and 160GB HDD respectively, largest HDD capacity*2 in each class as consumer DVD recorder. This enables recording up to 325 hours*3 of video content on HDD with DESR-7000 and 204 hours*3 with DESR-5000.
*2: As of October 6, 2003, surveyed by Sony Marketing (Japan).
*3: When recorded at SLP mode.

2. High-quality GUI
By using a PS2 based real-time operation system, comfortable operation never experienced until now, has been achieved. Advanced GUI with full color and half transparent display.

3. Firmware upgrade
Features can later be added or upgraded via the network.
(Details to be announced on the Sony Marketing website as available.)

4. High speed dubbing from HDD to DVD
The speed of dubbing from HDD to DVD is 12 times maximum. PSX adopts DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW*4.
*4: Subsequent upgrades via the network.

5. Various recording/playback features
PSX supports various user-friendly features, such as enabling users to watch recorded content on the HDD without waiting for the recording to finish, watch recorded content on the HDD while recording another program or play games while recording programs, etc.

6. Equipped with ghost reduction tuner
Analog terrestrial tuner is equipped with ghost reduction tuner.

7. Progressive scan DVD video output
Progressive scan DVD video output supports high-resolution pictures.

8. Memory Stick slot
Memory Stick slot is available on the front side of PSX. Digital still images stored on a Memory Stick can be transferred to the HDD and displayed on a large TV monitor.

9. USB port
USB port is available on the front side of PSX for a connection with digital still cameras*5 and USB game controllers.
*5: At launch, only Sony digital still cameras are supported. There are plans to support others in the future.

10. "PlayStation"/ PlayStation 2" game software
More than 5000 PS and PS2 game titles can be played on PSX*6. Online games can also be enjoyed through the PSX network services.
*6: Due to the fact that there is only one USB port for PSX, some peripheral combinations may not be supported.

11. Compact size
Simple and translucent design in line with latest digital electronics products. Compact design (312mm width) for both horizontal and vertical positioning.

12. Less Noise
Silent operation through heat control and temperature-actuated cooling fan.


Approximate recording time(HDD)
HQ: 33 hours
HSP: 51 hours
SP(standard): 67 hours
LP: 103 hours
EP: 137 hours
SLP: 204 hours
HQ: 53 hours
HSP: 81 hours
SP:(standard): 107 hours
LP: 164 hours
EP: 217 hours
SLP: 325 hours
Recording modes (6)
HQ, HSP,SP(standard),EP,LP,SLP
CPU, graphic processor
90nm EE+GS
Software engine
PS2 based real time OS
Recording format*7
DVD-R(Video format),DVD-RW(Video format,VR format),
DVD+RW(VR format)*8
Playback format*9
DVD-R(Video format), DVD-RW(Video format, VR format)
DVD+RW(VR format)*8
CD, CD-R,[Memory Stick]
"PlayStation" CD-ROM, "PlayStation 2"CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Terrestrial analog(VHF1-12ch,UHF13-62ch,CATV13-35ch)
BS satellite analog(1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15ch)*10
HDD to DVD is 12 times maximum (-R) *11
Video Playback
Recorded program while recording on HDD
Video Editing
GOP*12 editing, High speed GUI
EPG (G Guide*14)
Digital still image
(Memory Stick, digital still camera*13)
"PlayStation" software / "PlayStation 2" software
Ethernet 100 base/TX
(Network game, additional feature in the future)
Port Out
1 D output(D1/D2)
1 Composite/S Video/Stereo sound output
1 Optical digital Audio(SPDIF)
1 Composite/S Video/Stereo sound input
1 USB(Ver. 1.1)port, 1 Memory Stick slot
2 "PlayStation" "PlayStation 2"format Memory card slots
2 "PlayStation" "PlayStation 2" format Analog controller ports
312 x 323 x 88mm(W x H x D)
Approximately 5.8kg
Remote Controller for PSX, AV cable, antenna cable, AC cord

*7 It is not possible to add or finalize recordings on a disc recorded/edited on other recorders/drives.
*8 Upgrades can be added later via the network.
*9 To play a disc recorded on other recorders/drives, it is necessary to finalize using the recorded recorders/drives. Depending on recording conditions, playback may not be possible.
*10 WOWOW decoders cannot be connected. BS hi-vision is not supported.
*11 DVD-R
*12 Group of Pictures
*13 At launch, only Sony digital still cameras are supported. There are plans to support others in the future.
*14 G GuideTM is property of Gemstar Multimedia limited in Japan.