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CEO Interview: What I wanted to convey through our Corporate Strategy Meeting

On May 26, Sony Group Corporation presented its corporate strategy from a long-term view. At the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, who defined Sony's Purpose (or reason for being) in 2019, outlined his intention to drive the evolution and growth of the Sony Group around the axis of this Purpose, to media, investors and analysts.
Following the event, Mr. Yoshida spoke to a member of Sony's Corporate Communications team to share more information on the announcement, and his approach to this strategy. Please access video of this interview below.

Access full interview text here

Terminology from the interview

Sony's Purpose: 
Sony's Purpose, or reason for existing, is to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." It was defined in 2019 so that the 110,000 employees across Sony's diverse businesses could move together along the same vector, and create value from a long-term perspective.
Community of Interest: 
Communities of people that share emotionally impactful experiences and interests
DTC distribution and streaming service for Japanese anime content.
Fate/Grand Order. Mobile game based on anime IP, available in Japan and around the world. It is also a major hit in China, where it is distributed in partnership with Bilibili.
DTC video service for the India market
The Orchard: 
Independent music distribution company and subsidiary of Sony Music.
Music company providing distribution and other services primarily to independent recording artists, acquired in 2021.
360 Reality Audio: 
New musical experience that makes it possible for artists and creators to produce music by mapping sound sources such as vocals, chorus and instruments with positional information and placing them within a spherical space. Powered by Sony's spatial sound technologies, it evokes feelings of being in a music studio or live concert venue - all without leaving the comfort of home.
Road to Zero: 
Sony's global environmental plan that strives to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of its products and business activities by 2050.
Global initiative targeting the transition to 100% renewably sourced electricity.
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