Torchlight: A New Groundbreaking Advanced Visualization Facility for Creativity

Torchlight, a new groundbreaking advanced visualization facility established by Sony Pictures Entertainment, debuted at CES® 2024, the world's largest technology trade show held in Las Vegas this January. Dubbed the "idea factory" and "creator's playground" by project members, the facility allows filmmakers to explore, play, and develop their vision within a virtual environment utilizing the latest advanced technologies, and efficiently check how the sequence will look in real-time at the "pre-production" stage - before content goes into production. Featuring a video from the brand campaign which launches today, this article provides an overview of Torchlight, which brings together Sony Group's diverse technologies and visual content production expertise.

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Sony is a company of and for Creators:
Sony Creators Conference Keynote

At the first-ever Sony Creators Conference held on August 8th and 9th, 2023 in Los Angeles, California, Hiroaki Kitano, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO of Sony Group Corporation, took the stage to deliver a keynote featuring a range of creators leading entertainment content creation across the Sony Group.
This edition of the Corporate Blog gives an overview of the keynote speech.

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Introducing the Upcoming "Sony Creators Conference":
Technology Conference for the Creative Community

Sony Creators Conference

Sony will hold the first-ever "Sony Creators Conference " in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9 (local time). The event will feature talks and panel discussions by creators from across the Sony Group, including games, technology and film, as well as a keynote speech from Senior Executive Vice President and CTO Hiroaki Kitano. In this blog, we will introduce the main objectives of the event and the lineup of talk sessions that will also be made available online. We invite you to tune into the event for a glimpse into a future at the intersection of creativity and technology.

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From AIBO to VISION-S: Sony's AI Robotics Evolution

Sony has been cultivating its expertise in the area of AI robotics for over two decades through the development of the AIBO entertainment robot and other technologies. Now, certain Sony engineers and product planners who were involved in the development of AIBO and other AI robots are working on VISION-S, Sony’s endeavor to evolve mobility into a space for entertainment.

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Creating the Future of Agriculturewith Sony's Sensing Technology

From the perspective of "Co-Creation," the "SESSIONS" series features dialogues that introduce the activities of Sony's diverse employees to create Kando, based on Sony's Purpose. In this Session installment, we cover a joint research project between Sony and Hokkaido University. We asked about the sustainable future that they are aiming for by taking advantage of platform that utilizes sensing, big data analysis and other technology.

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Sony Group's Initiatives to Connect Diverse Employees with Technology

"Technology" and "People" are essential to the Sony Group as we continue to create value to "fill the world with emotion," and contribute to people, society and the planet. In this article, we will introduce various initiatives that support the evolution of Sony's technology and the growth of our engineers by encouraging interaction among diverse businesses and employees under Sony's corporate direction of "getting closer to people".

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Contributing to two "values"
- Our message at CES 2022®.

CES® 2022 was held this month in Las Vegas, kicking off the start of a new year. At Sony's press conference, we introduced a range of initiatives that leverage the creativity and technology of the Sony Group, aiming to contribute to increasing the value of the spaces in which people are present, as well as the value of the content that creators create. In this edition of the Corporate Blog, we will introduce the speeches made at the press conference by Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and other speakers, along with a summary video.

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Is culture sustainable? A novel music education approaches both art and body

Many pianists overwork their bodies with years of extensive practice and end up terminating their own future as professional artists. In order to solve such problems, one researcher in the Sony Group is aiming to achieve a sustainable development of culture through driving novel music education that incorporates physical education based on scientific evidences. This edition of the Sony Corporate Blog will show how this researcher is working to support the musicians in breaking the limits of music expertise.

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