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Youth on Assignment (YoA)

Programme Outline

By documenting the work being undertaken by various NPOs worldwide, the Youth on Assignment programme provides aspiring photographers and videographers with a training ground in which to take their first steps towards realizing career ambitions and dreams. The programme also provides them with an opportunity to see and learn about global issues and to use their skills as photographers and videographers to instigate social change.

Youth were on assignment for documenting following Sony’s CSR projects

EYE SEE UNICEF Child Photography Workshop
South Africa Mobile Library Project
Malawi Folktales Project
Public Viewing in Tanzania


World Photography Organisation ■WPO(The World Photography Organisation)

Creators of the *Sony World Photography Awards, the World Photography
Organisation supports professional, amateurs and student photographers
worldwide. It delivers various initiatives including the Student Focus
programme and involves photographers in commercial, cultural and
educational activities.
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*Sony World Photography Award

Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards is one of the world’s largest photography competitions. They provide an opportunity for international exchange among professional, amateur and student photographers. Sony has sponsored these awards since 2007.

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