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Visual Storytelling Alliance

An international environmental NGO, Conservation International ("CI", see below) and Sony have collaborated to create worldwide awareness about conserving the earth's biodiversity and remind us of our profound interconnection with the natural world.

The natural world provides us with immeasurable gifts, including a stable climate, clean air, fresh water, and food. It shapes our cultures, and informs our values. However, as our population grows beyond 7 billion, we are placing more demands on the earth than ever, while needing the services nature provides more than ever. Areas of the world under threat, with remarkable concentrations of plant and animal life are described as "Biodiversity Hotspots" by CI.

Since 1995, CI and Sony have collaborated to familiarize people with the earth's rich diversity of life through images created with Sony's imaging technology. In 2011, CI and Sony have taken this collaboration a step further named “Visual Storytelling Alliance”, by prototyping cutting edge Sony technology, such as 3D. Through this effort, life in the world's remote places is being recorded in new ways. This is important not only as a tool for scientific study, but also for the creation of new TV programs and educational materials highlighting the importance of protecting biodiversity hotspots to worldwide audiences.

We invite you to view this video clip to learn more about what CI and Sony are doing together to conserve biodiversity through cutting-edge imaging.

Visual Storytelling Alliance Vol1.
Spend a few minutes watching the video filmed
in South Pacific islands, and biodiversity hotspots in Colombia and Madagascar.

Sony, together with CI, will continue to provide the world with valuable photo and video images of our global biodiversity using the most advanced digital imaging technology. Our goal is to demonstrate how necessary and important biodiversity is to us, because people need nature to thrive.


Since 1995, CI and Sony have worked together to increase global biodiversity awareness by utilizing Sony's cutting-edge imaging technology and professional broadcast equipment.

1995 Field Video Equipment
Sony provided CI with a full set of professional video and audio equipment for filming in the field and archiving. This included cameras, field monitors and field audio equipment.
1998 Post-Production Equipment
Sony donated professional decks, switchers, audio mixers and other essential post-production gear allowing CI to establish a broadcast quality in-house production studio.
2005 Digitalization
Sony provided a Digital Betacam deck and other equipment allowing CI to upgrade to a digital production and post-production workflow.
2010 High-definition and 3D / Single-lens reflex camera
Sony donated HD and 3D equipment, allowing CI to record biodiversity in higher fidelity 2D, and in full 3D formats. This has not only enabled CI to create ever more stunning images, but also enhanced CI's scientific research.
2012 3D Field Video Equipment
Professional 3D camcorder, NXCAM fitted in professional underwater housing, and digital recording binoculars, which can expand the possibility of conservation activities.
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About Conservation International (CI)

Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature and its global biodiversity to promote the long-term well-being of people. CI employs 900 staff in nearly 30 countries on four continents and works with more than 1,000 partners around the world.

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