Career Education

Career Education

Sony Group employees hold classes on the group's various businesses, such as gaming, music, and finance, and speak about the work they are involved in.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Guest Lectures about Video Games

In conjunction with ACE (NPO the Association of Corporation and Education), SIE has developed classes on the video game industry for elementary, junior high and high school students. These classes are offered pro bono at schools across the Japan. In addition to educating students about the industry, these lessons contribute to their healthy growth and development by cultivating their media literacy.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Career Classes

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) offers career building workshops which allow junior and senior high school students the chance to visit SMEJ headquarters and to learn how music is made. Classes are also brought to schools to learn about the music and animation industries.

Sony Life Insurance
Life Planning Courses

Since fiscal 2006, Sony Life Insurance has provided primarily junior and senior high school students with opportunities to learn about and try their hand at life planning. The goal is to have students, who will soon be spreading their wings into society, envision their dreams and who they want to become, in order to feel the importance of living their lives as they have planned and working hard to achieve those dreams.