Sony ExploraScience

Permanent Exhibits

The museum presents innovative and interactive exhibits that incorporate cutting-edge technology, built on the concept of learning through fun. With these exhibits, kids can have fun while learning about the principles of "light" and "sound", etc.

Experiment Shows

Since its opening in 2000, the museum has developed over 300 varieties of fun-filled experiments. Through these unique experiment shows featuring topics like mechanics, thermal physics, acoustics, optics, and electricity, we hope to awaken children to the wonders of science and stimulate their interest in it. Everyday items are used in these experiment shows.

Science Drama

Since 2000, Sony ExploraScience has conducted unique, exclusive scientific experiment-themed stage shows in order to promote the spread of scientific knowledge, especially among children and young people. The museum uses technology and music in presenting these performances, which combine scientific experiments and entertaining stories in order to share the magic and wonder of science with kids.


In addition to exhibits and experiments, Sony ExprolaScience also conducts workshops. Kids learn about the mysteries and facts behind scientific principles and phenomena through "DIY workshops" in which they create toys for themselves. The museum also conducts workshops using Sony's "KOOV" educational robot programming kits.

Educational Support Programs

Sony ExploraScience provides opportunities to learn about science for primary and middle school in suburban areas throughout China, with "SES Education-Support Program" that began in 2008. Sony ExploraSciense began showing the "SES 4K Science Series" and conducting training for science educators in these communities in 2014, and the program was later renamed the "SES Popular Science Journey". As of the end of 2019, over 350,000 teachers and students in over 40 cities have enjoyed these performances.

4K Science Series

Sony ExploraScience works to provide kids with fun science-related experiences. Initially beginning with only indoor exhibits, the museum later expanded to also provide activities outside of the facilities. In 2013, Sony ExploraScience began producing the science-themed "SES Science Lab" video series using Sony's 4K devices. The series has been broadcast both on television and online since 2015, receiving many awards throughout China.