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The 7th Sony Creative Science Award in Taiwan

Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) is an education program for elementary school children that originated in Singapore and brought to Taiwan in 2012. Open to 3rd-6th grade students, the program is designed to inspire curiosity and interest in science through making original toys. "Changing Your Lives! (生活百變王)" was the theme of 7th SCSA, with the main requirement that students make science-based toys using household items, such as a telephone or a chair. Over 10 months, the children participated in training courses and toy-making, and presented their toy ideas in the final competition and through open exhibitions. To integrate additional educational resources, Sony Taiwan (STWN) invited sister companies So-net Taiwan, Sony Mobile Communications (SOMC), Sony Music Entertainment (SME), and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to collaborate with the 7th SCSA.

According to the theme "Changing Your Lives", the children created many impressive toys, such as a fan transformed into a launcher for spinning tops, a power switch to a remote controller, and a fighting robot made from a garbage can! The top 20 entries presented their toys to judges in the final round on June 2nd. Members from Sony Taiwan and the four sister companies, together with professional teachers of science and creativity, volunteered as judges and selected 7 teams based on their creativity and a video the children took of the toy-making process, taken on Sony cameras. The winning teams received MESH™*1 programming blocks and Sony digital cameras as prize.

  • *1MESH - A kind of programming science kits developed from Sony Start-up Program and now used for Sony Science Program.

The top 20 toy ideas were made available for touch-and-try at the 7th SCSA exhibitions in Taipei Science Education Center from July 18th to 19th and the Kaohsiung Science and Technology Museum during from July 25th to 28th. In connection with the theme of the 7th SCSA, the exhibition concept was based on a house, with each toy idea assigned to a specific room according to the household items used. In addition, Sony Science Program, SIE Taiwan and So-net Taiwan introduced their science-based games and offered free science workshops to families and their kids. Sony Taiwan held a stamp rally that combined all the sessions to encourage visitors to experience each one. The exhibitions successfully reached more than 18,000 visitors in 8 days, including children, parents and teachers.

As part of the effort to introduce Taiwanese children to science-based toys, SIE offered great support to bring the programming game toio™, currently only sold in Japan, to Taiwan for the first time. In addition, So-net Taiwan made a mobile AR game*2 especially for the exhibition to introduce how mobile games are designed, using smartphones provided by SOMC. SME Taiwan sponsored small gifts to visitors joined rally.

  • *2toio™ - A new type of entertainment game platform which developed from Sony Start-up Program and the main inspirit is to encourage kids to create games based on toio™. Now it's under management of Sony Interactive Entertainment

In addition, a special guest came all the way from Sony headquarters to join the fun: aibo was welcomed by Sony Taiwan as the VIP guest in the opening ceremony and added to the Sony Science Program exhibit to let kids learn more about Sony's most advanced AI technology. This was also the very first official appearance for aibo in Taiwan!

Lastly, Sony Taiwan volunteers held free science workshops, including one for MESH, were held by Sony Taiwan in 7th SCSA exhibition. 583 people joined in 19 workshops, many of whom were families of the Sony sister companies in Taiwan.

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