Workshop Programs

Sony engineers and staffs serve as navigators with creating kits, making short animations, and experiments to learn about scientific principles and technology in enjoyable way.

Programming Workshops

MESH™ Workshop

By connecting block-shaped electronic "MESH blocks" with a variety of functions using the "MESH app", MESH allows you realize things you wish existed. Through this workshop, children can experience changing how they live using inventions they think up themselves.

MESH™ Programming and Craft Workshop

"MESH programing and craft workshop" gives children the experience that realize your imagination or ideas especially for the beginner at programming. Choose your own item from 5 types of craft work menu connecting with 3 types of MESH blocks (motion / button / LED) through MESH App.

Workshops to learn the principles and techniques of science

"How power generation and storage works"

Make your own Stick Generator to learn about the electromagnetic induction, and let's think about how to "make", "store" and "use" electricity in smarter ways.

"How headphones work"

Make your own headphones out of plastic bottles and milk cartons and learn about the principle of how sound travels and think about reusing and recycling by using materials found in everyday life.

"How an IC recorder works"

Make your own IC recorder, play with and learn about the recording and replaying mechanism.

Workshops Are Held
In Various Formats

Online Workshops

Sony holds interactive workshops that children throughout Japan can participate in online. We offer programs that leverage our technology and creativity and stimulate children's curiosity.

Inclusion Workshops

"Inclusion Workshops" are unique workshops that are regularly conducted by Sony/Taiyo Corporation. Over 60% of the employees at Sony/Taiyo Corporation, a special subsidiary of Sony, are challenged by disabilities. Employees who are challenged by disabilities make a variety of efforts to also serve as instructors and staff, conducting the "How Headphones Work Workshop" and "MESH™ Workshop."
The workshops act to heighten interest in the joy of creating things and programming, regardless of whether or not the participants are challenged by disabilities, and by having participants also experience Diversity & Inclusion*, we hope to make these workshops an opportunity for participants to deepen mutual understanding through respecting diversity and mutual inclusion.
We hope to welcome many children, regardless of whether or not they are challenged by disabilities. (*)Respect for individual differences as reflections of individuality, sharing of views, and transformation of this energy into the power to create new things

Workshops for girls

Sony provides opportunities for elementary, junior high and senior high school girls to experience programing and become interest in an engineer.

Original Workshops
at Sony Group companies

Sony Europe
Kids in Focus Programme

The Kids in Focus programme aims to inspire young people across Europe through the art of photography.

Sony works with schools and youth clubs to run photography workshops for children to show them how they can achieve great photographs using our advanced cameras. Often these schools and clubs are located in disadvantaged areas so cannot afford access to equipment or expertise themselves.

We partner with a leading professional photographer in each country to run the workshops which are very much 'hands on'. The children take part in several practical sessions where they learn how to take great shots utilising the advanced features of Sony's cameras. The professional photographer also shares their professional life story to inspire those who may wish to take up photography as a future career.

The cameras taken along to the workshops are donated to the schools so that the children can further develop their skills and ignite their passion.