One Sony, for the future of our oceans

Plastic waste poses risks to marine environments around the world.
From plastic bottles to shopping bags and parts in home electronics
and cars, plastic is widely used in everyday life.
Much of it is disposable, single-use plastic. In fact, even if we carefully
sort it for recycle, inadequate processing often leads to release
in the natural environment.
Ultimately it reaches the ocean, where plastic pollution is having
a significant impact on ecosystems.

As a company that uses plastics in products and business operations, Sony takes this urgent situation seriously, and we have launched a project in response.
We call it the "One Blue Ocean Project".
Relying less on plastic each day will help preserve our beautiful oceans for future generations.
Together, all Sony Group employees worldwide are taking action in three ways.

Reduce plastic in products!

Sony promotes reduction of plastic and use of recycled plastic in products and packaging.
For a wide range of products, we are introducing smaller, lighter plastic parts and reducing plastic packaging. Furthermore, we are expanding our use of recycled material in our products.
Beyond products and packaging, we are also reducing plastic in production activities at Sony sites around the world.

  • Reducing plastic

  • Expanding our use of
    recycled plastic

  • Reducing plastic
    in production

Stop using single-use plastic!

We are phasing out and eliminating single-use plastic across the Sony Group.
At company cafes, shops, and elsewhere, we will no longer be providing plastic straws, cups, or shopping bags, and switch to reusable containers as needed.
For beverages served in our conference rooms, we are also switching from plastic bottles to alternatives.
This initiative extends from work life to our everyday routine. We are encouraging employees to stop using single-use plastic, and switch to reusable bottles and bags as we raise environmental awareness.

  • No more plastic straws
    and cups at cafes

  • Recommending reusable
    bags; no more bags
    at registers

  • No more plastic straws,
    cups, or beverage bottles
    in conference rooms

Take part in plastic cleanup!

At sites around the world, Sony is organizing cleanups to pick up plastic trash.
Whether it is beach cleanup that employees in Oita, Japan, have done since their plant opened, or volunteer cleanup around Manila Bay by employees in Philippines, we are already active in widespread local efforts. We are further expanding the scale and the location of cleanup activities.

  • River and beach cleanup

  • Cleanup around town