Harmonizing the
environment and sound

Sony is committed to the reduction of environmental footprint and the pursuit of quality sound, as seen through our latest efforts in recycled plastic and shipping efficiency.

Home theatre produces pure sound from recycled plastic

Sony uses recycled plastic as a way of helping to achieve its environmental goals.
In support of its goals, Sony made a challenge to make a new, recycled plastic that can be used in more parts and still maintains its standard of quality sounds.
As a result, our audio products meet the demands of music fans and audio enthusiasts through sound performance while using recycled plastic.

Developing a new mindset

Sony is increasing the use of recycled plastic in audio
products by developing materials that overcome the sound
quality issues, resulting in great sound and value.

Recycled plastic finds a home in home theatre systems

Up until now, Sony shunned recycled plastic in its audio products because recycled plastic tended to contribute to sound lacking in clarity and dimensionality.
But because Sony marches to a different beat, it developed a new recycled plastic that offers characteristics comparable to virgin plastic.
For the Sound Bar HT-XT2, about 71% of the plastics used in the product is made of recycled plastic.

*Gross value including virgin plastics and additives that are mixed with recycled materials.

Newly developed recycled plastics made of 65% recycled materials

Sony collaborated with a material processing company in developing new compounds and created speaker box prototypes to test the sound quality and ensure that the new material helped maintain the quality standards of Sony audio products. Acoustic engineers assisted in the process. After many trials, we succeeded in developing a new recycled plastic whose characteristics are comparable to virgin plastic.

Implemented in many products from a stable manufacturing base

Sony quality has been proven through sound and versatility of the recycled plastic in making products. Already, Sony products, such as the HT-XT2, HT-NT5, and HT-CT790 Home Theatre and Sound Bar systems,
feature parts made of a recycled plastic. And more, including High Power Home Audio Systems, are on the way. *

*Model availability may differ by region and country.

More recycled plastic making its way to audio consumers

For an audio product, just striving to be eco-conscious is not enough; it needs to sound good too. That's why Sony did not stop until achieving a recycled plastic material with characteristics comparable to virgin plastic.

Thinking out of the box

Once the product is manufactured, it departs on a global voyage
where package design plays an important role in increasing
shipping efficiency and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving shipping efficiency to help reduce CO2 emissions

As Sound Bar home theatre systems combine a long bar speaker with a box-like subwoofer,
packing them in standard boxes was a waste of space and materials.
The solution was the L-shaped box that increased the number of units storable in the same space,
helping reduce waste as they fit together like puzzle pieces.
The new packaging improved shipping efficiency and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from energy use.

Boxes fit together for compact loading (HT-NT5)

Approx. 15% reduction in CO2 emissions

Conventional rectangular box

Since only 380 boxes could be loaded on a pallet, the greenhouse gas emissions per box was 14.46kg-CO2.

Space-saving L shaped box

The ability to stack 600 boxes per pallet helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 12.34kg-CO2 per box.

*As calculated per unit shipped from Malaysia to the US, based on 40 km by truck and 15,000 km by container ship, with each container filled with models of uniform size.

Another step closer to a zero environmental footprint in the field of audio

The "Road to Zero" is Sony's ultimate roadmap to a more sustainable world.
In order to achieve the goals of Sony's global environmental plan, we approached the issue through recycled plastic and more efficient shipping.
By increasing the use of recycled plastic, and by reducing the energy required for shipping, we were able to rise to this challenge.
It helped us ensure that our audio products meet the demands of music fans and audio enthusiasts through sound performance, while trying to be environmentally responsible.

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